joost schouppe

Mapper since: September 14, 2008


I became an OSMF board member in 2018.

Here’s why I like OpenStreetMap.

Started mapping after using OSMAnd in the Dominican Republic, now a heavy mapper. Have been mapping based on GPS, local knowledge and sat images in Belgium and the countries I’ve traveled to. Here’s more about my early mapping life in my Belgian Mapper of the Month interview.

Apart from mapping, I actually use the data in real life, for example during my one year road trip through South America. Using Osmand on the road. I’m always adding POIs, GPS tracks and corrections. I add Notes mostly to remember where I have to fix things. Also Mapillary user, to help provide an open StreetView alternative for mappers.

I’m active on twitter as @joostjakob on Twitter and on the OSM Reddit.

I’m a sociologist specialised in developing geospatial indicators, aimed towards local government employees who want to understand the neighborhoods they are working for. Usually, this info is made available to the general public too through our websites. I did this for 7 years at the City of Antwerp, and was part of the development of the content of their geostatistical website. Towards the end, I was also working for the GIS department there. Since 2017, I am doing largely the same work for a working group that works for the entire Flemish region, built on the Data & Analysis cells of the five Flemish provinces. We’re currently starting up Provincies in Cijfers.

Community building & humanitarian mapping

I believe OSM is a swarm, in the sense Falkvinge describes in his book Swarmwise. That philosophy implies what you contribute yourself is probably less important than the effect you can have by direct community-growing efforts. So OSM has forced me to ever so slowly become a networker.

I see Missing Maps Mapathons as a tool for community building, hence I’ve been involved in the organisation of many of them. I also like the international aspect of building mapping communities. Since January 2017, I’m one of the founding boardmembers of OSM Belgium. Join the Belgian OSM community :)

Getting the basics right & working with governments

As a mapper mostly interested in getting the basics right - I mostly trace new roads and footways. That evolved into an interest in how we can use open data to stay up to date. I’m interested in tools that make it easier to contribute, probably because I’m one of the heavier non-JOSM mappers. Then I’m also interested in how OSM data can be used in a better or more extensive way.

OSM data analysis

I’m interested in community dynamics and simple statistics of Openstreetmap evolution. Not that they are simple to make. A good introduction is [this diary post] (

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