It started by @gustavo22soares’ question on Mastodon (not archived.) My answer was:

@gustavo22soares Hi. If the question is about #damn – there is no delete area function. (It was not needed to demonstrate the concept and there is no consensus about “what after delete?”)

Regarding the name – feel free to use tags for this purpose.

After 2 weeks, there is still no delete area function. Sorry. However, we did something after all.

The damn client may be translated (and it is translated from English to Czech and Portuguese.) Areas may be filtered by tags. There is button to switch between grid and list view. And finally, the damn client supports multiple OpenStreetMap web editors. (No, there is no support for JOSM. Use the damn plugin instead.)

The defaults can be changed easily when deploying – and it was the intention.

And the last thing: I updated the server. (Because I was not satisfied with the function returning the list of the areas.) After the update, I stressed the server a little bit. It was definitely NOT load testing, but I just could not resist.

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