I released Divide and map. Now. – the damn project at the beginning of the year. Also, I presented the damn project at FOSDEM. I was pretty nervous, and I have to work on my presentation skills. The talk was too chaotic, I know. Anyway – now, I want to present changes in the damn client since the release.

Inspired by tasking manager stats, I implemented mapping and review rates. The damn project is ready for these upgrades. All kinds of statistics can be computed from the commits.

The mapper can map or review a random square of an area. Square to map/review selection is server-dependent. I am going to implement something like map the nearest square in the future. However, I think that the decision about a square to map should still be on the server. The user should say something like: “Hey, I am willing to contribute with mapping something like this,” and the server replies: “Good, try this one.” I don’t think that the manual square lock is a good idea.

I moved the essentials procedures to the damn client library and implemented a workaround for the geometry of two and fewer points. Just mark such square done automatically.

I speeded up the whole client! (For developers: if you want, you may test it on your own – git checkout v0.1.0, then back to git checkout master.) Also, I changed the design slightly. I am not a designer, so I am doing small changes as I feel it.

I added squares map. It indeed helps mappers to imagine the remarkable work done.

The next is the mappers’ score. There is a list of mappers and reviewers with their corresponding number of squares done. And the last upgrade – it’s finally possible to logout (for developers: delete JWT token stored as a cookie; the default cookie expiration is one year), and there is a user’s last week statistics. It would be possible to load all the user’s commits and compute overall statistics, but it takes quite long.

Maybe I will find something interesting that I would like to implement yet. But I think that the next step is to make the damn deploy a little bit easier.


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