Mapillary data usage on OSM

Posted by pizzaiolo on 18 February 2015 in English (English)

A quick and simple way to visualize the usage of data derived from Mapillary street view photos is to use overpass turbo.

Check out for more details.

Comment from Sanderd17 on 19 February 2015 at 19:51

AFAIK, it’s a tendency to use source=* on changesets, not on objects (that was the old habbit).

Sadly, overpass doesn’t offer changeset-based queries, so that wont be possible. But I guess the real number is a lot bigger.

Comment from pizzaiolo on 20 February 2015 at 00:50

Good point! I don’t use source=* on objects very often, but when I use Mapillary as a source, I always make a point of adding that bit of info to the object.

Comment from frodrigo on 2 March 2015 at 11:19

You can look at this for Mapillary, but in changeset comment, not source :

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