Every day I have been adding and fixing OpenStreetMap data. I have learnt and contributed in creating data of the highest possible quality in collaboration with the OpenStreetMap community.

Over this year I have created, edited and modified around 44,000 changesets. 😃

yosm mapa

It has been a wonderful experience, during this time I learnt everything from mapping objects to using JOSM and various plugins.

In this year I worked on several Mapbox projects, such as:

As I got a clear understanding about the OpenStreetMap data, I realized that how my mapping is contributing in making of the best map of the world.


This is very easy 😅 , out of the many tools available, you could start of by using these three tools that I started with, such as: OSMCha, to-fix and osmlint.

1. OSMCha is a tool of changeset level notification, giving an overview of how many objects were affected in a changeset. A set of suspects words automatically flag some suspicious changes. Custom filters can be used with changeset comment, source, and other combinations to look for suspicious edits. You can read this for more information:

2. To-fix is a micro-tasking tool that breaks large data curation tasks into smaller jobs that are systematic and repeatable.

3. OSMLint is a tool identify common geometry and metadata problems OpenStreetMap data. OSMLint processes vector tiles with turf.js and TileReduce to produce geojson files of detected data errors.

These are few of the tools that have help me contribute to this beautiful map of the world! 🗺


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