Road alignment in Taiwan

Posted by srividya_c on 7 November 2016 in English (English).

Over the past 7 weeks, Mapbox Data team completely concentrated on aligning and improving the road network of Taiwan. With regular interaction with the community in our mapping ticket and a series of diary posts about our findings, progress and learnings, we have reached the finish line of the task.


Area Covered

Current Status

Using updated Mapbox satellite imagery and Strava heat map and different offsets with respect to Bing imagery, the data team has aligned 64,680kms of road network in Taiwan which forms the 54.4% of entire Taiwan road network. The overall project consisted of 43 tasking manager tasks covering 27,000 sq kms which is 74% of total area of the country.

Mapping Progress

Crossing highways and buildings cleanup

During our alignment work we also noticed some building tracing work from local university group which needs local knowledge and cleanup from the community side. To make the cleanup work easier, we have identified these overlapping features in Taiwan and added it as a to-fix project for the community to review and fix.

Total of 3,132 buildings are in overlap with highways - 2,862 with minor-roads and 270 with major-roads

Community Support

The Taiwan community were very responsive all the time by giving us on ground inputs which helped us throughout the project. We thank everyone, especially @Supaplextw, @assanges and @kagami3421 for your support and guidance and hope the collaboration and involvement continues in all our future projects.

Thank you,

From Mapbox Data Team.

Comment from pavanvijjapu on 7 November 2016 at 15:15

Congratulations to the Team ………..Exceptional work!!!!

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