The Antwerp drinking water fountain scene.

Posted by philippec on 19 May 2017 in English (English)

I revisited Antwerp City and to my surprise drinking water fountains had appeared.
I checked the data from the city and found it to be rather good. Not so in Brussels.

The markers collapse too soon or expand too late for the map to be useful. But the coordinates are very precise. I wished there was a method to copy them in OSM. Anyway thanks to yours truly, OSM is now much better than the official map.

I don't like the new drinking water fountains. They are of concrete and metal with a low and a high faucet. You can only drink from them. The advantage is that they do not necessarily need a gutter.

Strangely there is a blind spot on the map to the south of this fountain.

I do not doubt that most of the Antwerp drinking water fountains will work in the summer. Not so in Brussels. But I cannot set their stateofrepair to OK without revisiting them. That can easily be done in the app "Drinkingwaterfountains". Yes folks, some people map drinking water fountains in the summer without checking if they work.

The Province of Antwerp, or some of its politicians have always been strong advocates for drinking water fountains in their recreational parks and along the main bicycle ways. But the place of those fountains is their best kept secret. "The drinking water company is also involved", they say.

I still have to resolve three notes, and then I am sure hat I have a 95 % accurate picture of the whole province.

Or I could place notes all over the place. No don't worry, I am not that silly. But my three notes might not be visible between all the old and silly notes.

A bicycle "highway" is being built between Antwerp and Brussels. Guess what ? Yes, I checked where a cyclist could have a drink for free.
The best place for someone dying from thirst between Antwerp and Brussels might be a graveyard or a petrol station.

You can see it all on Mapillary.

Location: Wilde Zee, Antwerpen, Antwerp, Flanders, 2000, Belgium

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