Mapping forced labor camps in China

Posted by pangoSE on 22 February 2019 in English (English).

Hi I recently began to investigate the forced labor camps in China and found this list:

Would somebody here be interested to help map these?

Verification on ground would be nice so lets add a fixme=”verify on ground” to all of them.

No.	Location 	Floor area(m2) 	Building capacity (m2) 	Area expanded after 2017 (m2)
1A 	N:38°58’07″ E:77°26’05″ 	294845 	132000 	102000
1B 	Next to A 	                        30000 	11000 	
1C 	N:38°59’40″ E:77°26’44″ 	70143 	55810 	
1D 	N:39°01’07″ E:77°27’40″ 	9213 	5760 	
1F 	N:39°03’21″ E:77°26’09″ 	15429 	4200 	
2 	N:37°54’45″ E:77°20’55″ 	230748 	230560 	199556
3 	N:38°19’02″ E:77°12’37″ 	36889 	80904 	80904
4 	N:38°21’45″ E:77°13’29″ 	49038 	86712 	86712
5 	N:38°24’47″ E:77°08’54″ 	85280 	57964 	33348
6 	N:38°21’23″ E:77°15’51″ 	380240 	67242 	67242
7 	N:38°56’14″ E:76°03’20″ 	30000 	10238 	
8 	N:38°56’14″ E:76°10’14″	5600 	3882 	
9 	N:39°28’18″ E:75°41’55″ 	139918 	91920 	
10 	N:39°23’26″ E:76°01’23″ 	64449 	22800 	
11 	N:39°21’34″ E:75°51’51″ 	64288 	87915 	78315
12 	N:39°21’29″ E:76°03’04″ 	120700 	306000 	300000
13 	N:39°13’15″ E:76°46’06″ 	8649 	5856 	
14 	N:39°25’47″ E:76°03’19″ 	18975 	16456 	
15 	N:39°22’03″ E:76°00’37″ 	3600 	2700 	
16A 	N:38°21’45″ E:77°07’16″ 	27750 	13002 	13002
16B 	N:38°21’48″ E:77°07’08″ 	56700 	26280 	26280
16C 	N:38°21’55″ E:77°07’10″ 	47488 	17644 	
16D 	N:38°21’43″ E:77°07’20″ 	9450 	3400 	3400
17 	N:38°54’43″ E:77°38’58″ 	3400 	4368 	
18 	N:38°21’06″ E:77°18’21″ 	48617 	53984 	53984
19 	N:39°47’03″ E:78°33’41″ 	20050 	22390 	13590
Total 		                   1,871,459 	1,420,987 	1,058,333

Found in OSM:

  • 1A Todo
  • 1B (southeast of 1A) Todo
  • 1C todo

Comment from pangoSE on 23 February 2019 at 01:20

I have drawn a couple of the largest now on the map. See

The architecture of them reminds me of Foucaults analysis of prisons.

Comment from pangoSE on 23 February 2019 at 15:07

For those who want to help, in some of the camps there are buildings which is not drawn yet. Find the camps via the overpass query above.

Comment from woodpeck on 24 February 2019 at 23:20

I salute your enthusiasm but:

  • the article you quote as the source in your changesets is not suitably licensed; the article itself quotes work that is based on Google aerial imagery
  • these are “suspected” prison/re-education camps. You have mapped as a “prison camp”. I don’t really see any of the features the article mentions as tell-tale signs of a prison camp when I look at our available imagery - no watch towers, no straight walls, no patrol roads… are you sure it is a good idea to tag random assemblies of buildings as prison camps just because an article mentioned a few coordinates?

Comment from pangoSE on 25 February 2019 at 21:13

Hi @woodpeck Thanks for the heads up. I removed that one. In a year or two when the satellites have passed again/we get new imagery we can revisit these. The best would of course be an on ground survey but that seems kinda unlikely/hard/dangerous for an outsider to perform. If anyone reading this is living in Xinjiang and is willing to take the risk, be my guest to verify these. I would really like to have an independent UN commission or something working with this to document the extent of the problem on ground and verify that it really is slave work camps.

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