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Coordinates on

Posted by pangoSE on 22 February 2019 in English (English)

Does anyone know if the searchbox supports some form of coordinate? These did not work: “N:39°47’03″ E:78°33’41″” “39°47’03″ 78°33’41″”

Are there any plans of supporting widely used formats of coordinates?

This seemed to work: “38.5807 77.2605” but gave 2 results.

Mapping forced labor camps in China

Posted by pangoSE on 22 February 2019 in English (English)

Hi I recently began to investigate the forced labor camps in China and found this list:

Would somebody here be interested to help map these?

Verification on ground would be nice so lets add a fixme=”verify on ground” to all of them.

No.	Location 	Floor area(m2) 	Building capacity (m2) 	Area expanded after 2017 (m2)
1A 	N:38°58’07″ E:77°26’05″ 	294845 	132000 	102000
1B 	Next to A 	                        30000 	11000 	
1C 	N:38°59’40″ E:77°26’44″ 	70143 	55810 	
1D 	N:39°01’07″ E:77°27’40″ 	9213 	5760 	
1F 	N:39°03’21″ E:77°26’09″ 	15429 	4200 	
2 	N:37°54’45″ E:77°20’55″ 	230748 	230560 	199556
3 	N:38°19’02″ E:77°12’37″ 	36889 	80904 	80904
4 	N:38°21’45″ E:77°13’29″ 	49038 	86712 	86712
5 	N:38°24’47″ E:77°08’54″ 	85280 	57964 	33348
6 	N:38°21’23″ E:77°15’51″ 	380240 	67242 	67242
7 	N:38°56’14″ E:76°03’20″ 	30000 	10238 	
8 	N:38°56’14″ E:76°10’14″	5600 	3882 	
9 	N:39°28’18″ E:75°41’55″ 	139918 	91920 	
10 	N:39°23’26″ E:76°01’23″ 	64449 	22800 	
11 	N:39°21’34″ E:75°51’51″ 	64288 	87915 	78315
12 	N:39°21’29″ E:76°03’04″ 	120700 	306000 	300000
13 	N:39°13’15″ E:76°46’06″ 	8649 	5856 	
14 	N:39°25’47″ E:76°03’19″ 	18975 	16456 	
15 	N:39°22’03″ E:76°00’37″ 	3600 	2700 	
16A 	N:38°21’45″ E:77°07’16″ 	27750 	13002 	13002
16B 	N:38°21’48″ E:77°07’08″ 	56700 	26280 	26280
16C 	N:38°21’55″ E:77°07’10″ 	47488 	17644 	
16D 	N:38°21’43″ E:77°07’20″ 	9450 	3400 	3400
17 	N:38°54’43″ E:77°38’58″ 	3400 	4368 	
18 	N:38°21’06″ E:77°18’21″ 	48617 	53984 	53984
19 	N:39°47’03″ E:78°33’41″ 	20050 	22390 	13590
Total 		                   1,871,459 	1,420,987 	1,058,333

Found in OSM:

  • 1A Todo
  • 1B (southeast of 1A) Todo
  • 1C todo

Working with Khartoum day 2

Posted by pangoSE on 4 February 2019 in English (English)

Hi :)

Inspired by the ongoing uprising and protesting I started yesterday working on Khartoum to improve a few things. Since I am not a native arabic speaker I learned a few tricks and thought I would share them here.


We have a policy of locale names and that means the arabic terms should be in the name= field. This was not the case and a lot of arabic names seems to be missing. I added fixme’s to all the places that lack an arabic name tag. See for yourself on OSMI

Help wanted!

If you know arabic please help add the arabic names to the places linked above.

If you are working in JOSM and want to help with the names I encourage you to do this:

  1. enable the expert mode in the settings
  2. file->download data
  3. switch to the new tab “download from overpass api”
  4. click “wizard”
  5. enter “place=*” and select khartoum on the area below
  6. click “download”

This gives you all the places in the editor of your selected area ignoring all the rest of the data. :D I recommend using search and/or filter to narrow down if you need to.

Viewing a map in a different language

I used these to get an overview of the names:

Does anyone know how often they are re-rendered?


I like to mark the different use of land se the render is able to color the map correctly. I added landuse=residential to existing areas where it made sense and created a few new ones. A lot more work is needed to tag parks, farmland etc.


This is not yet used in many places and the city could really benefit from an overhaul. There are a lot of neighbourhood-areas that overlap etc.

Happy mapping!

Happy New Year!

Posted by pangoSE on 31 December 2018 in English (English)

I wish you all joyfull mapping in 2019.

I learned a lot and had a lot of fun in 2018 with OSM.

Editing multipolygons with JOSM and the Relation Toolbox-plugin

Posted by pangoSE on 27 October 2018 in English (English)

I highly recommend this new video by Adam Franco:

Good luck with adding polygons!

Att göra just nu med vår öppna data

Posted by pangoSE on 30 September 2018 in Swedish (Svenska)

Följande skrevs i ett privat meddelande och jag delar det här FYI.

Dem öppna data från både Trafikverket och Lanmäteriet används flitigt just nu.

Både i iD och JOSM finns NVDB med tonsvis av vägar som vi inte har ritat in än från Trafikverket och äldre ortofoto från LM där många ortsnamn och namn på berg, m.m. finns.

Även topografiska kartan från LM är användbar ibland, tex har jag ritat in militära övningsområden (se

Även Naturreservaten behöver uppdateras utifrån den öppna datan från Metria/Länsstyrelserna, se

Missing direction of photos and layer with signs in OSC

Posted by pangoSE on 26 September 2018 in English (English)

I recently began contributing images via OSC. I’m using the app from Google Play updated on 21/8-18. Here is a sample of the direction being the same on all photos: (press iD to see the layer with directions shown).

The OSC plugin (v164) in JOSM (v14272) does not show direction, only blue dots.

Also my tracks have not yet been processed for signs or other data and no special layer with this information is avaliable to my knowledge.

Is Mapillary prefered over OSC because it includes directions of photos & this layer?

Svenska telegramgruppen är nu länkat till IRC

Posted by pangoSE on 22 September 2018 in Swedish (Svenska)

Tack till Erik som jobbat på det. Gå gärna med i Telegram-chatten för världen och SE och följ med i vad som rör sig i rörelsen just nu.

Improving OSM with street photos

Posted by pangoSE on 22 September 2018 in English (English)

Hi, recently I found this fantastic video from Nuno about using Mapillary in iD:

Finns det en svensk nationell adressdatabas?

Posted by pangoSE on 19 September 2018 in Swedish (Svenska)


Jag undrar om det likt danska OSAK [1], [2] finns en sån databas?

Hur många ställen i SE saknas det husnummer? 30%? 50% av alla adresser? Finns det en översikt?

Hur är det med postkoderområderna? Är gränserna för dem fria?

[1] [2]

Searching relations

Posted by pangoSE on 11 September 2018 in English (English)

Nominatim does NOT search route relations. I use taginfo & overpass.

The downside of overpass is that it:

  • does not use wildcards by default using the wizard
  • does not search case-insensitive by default using the wizard

Example of searching for the route Härnö Trail in Härnön: -> click the orange -> click overpass symbol -> from overpass you can click the map object and -> click to from there

Alternatively you can download Härnön in JOSM and search for the relation there. (much easier if you know where it is beforehand)

iD does not yet show relations, only memberhip of relations on objects. Also iD lacks a way to check that your edit did not break (the continuity of) one or more relations.

(edited to remove the incorrect assumption that it does not accept wildcards and to specifically mention route relations)


Posted by pangoSE on 11 September 2018 in Swedish (Svenska)

Jag har mappat i 6 år och upptäckte häromdan att jag gjort fel och raderat noder i alla år i stället för att flytta existerande noder när möjligt. Se Enligt ser läget ut såhär: Created Modified Deleted Nodes 6 226 (64%) 2 132 (22%) 1 412 (14%)

Jag har även nog missat att justera bakgrundsbilderna ibland, men har haft tur att Bing i Härnösand ligger rätt. Trafikverkets vägdata (Trafikverket Road Network i JOSM) finns för hela landet och är enklast att justera efter vid behov.