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Pizza Compass using OSM?

Posted by pangoSE on 6 May 2021 in English (English).


To all of you who love to get out into the woods and sleep in shelters I have now updated the OSM GPX-extractor and fixed the autocomplete search function.

I also added more presets with barbecues and firepits so you can find the perfect picnic spot easily.

To all users of OsmAnd I want to point out that it recently? got a filter function where you can search for the type of shelter you are interested in. It still only supports showing one POI type on the map at the time so I prefer to have gpx waypoints for shelters in my phone for now.

Have a nice day

I use this tool a lot with the shortcut ‘T’

It cuts ways and selects the element that needs new/different tags.

Thanks to Simon Legner who wrote it.


Unfortunately the autocomplete ajax stopped working because of a HTTPS issue. I would appreciate a pull request to fix it.

Help with overpass syntax

Posted by pangoSE on 22 June 2020 in English (English).

I’m trying to do a union here:

[out:json]; area["ISO3166-1"="SE"][admin_level=2]; ( nwr["tourism"="wilderness_hut"]["access"!="private"](area); nwr["amenity"="shelter"]["shelter_type"!="public_transport"](area); ); out center;

It does not work (I only get ~200 huts and no shelters) :(

OSM GPX extractor for non experts

Posted by pangoSE on 13 February 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 23 June 2020.

Hi. During my engagement in swedish hiking groups I became aware of the need for a service for extracting GPX-files with huts and shelters to put into GPS-devices and phones.

I built a simple website to fill this need which was a fun and learning experience :)

Try it out here: Code:

Hydrogen gas stations

Posted by pangoSE on 30 January 2020 in English (English).

Did someone contact this company to ask them to open their data yet?

Have you ever been visiting a relation on and wanted to edit it? Pressing “edit” on the page is impossible and you are told to zoom in?

This is a bug IMO, and I created this bookmarklet to get around it:

Problem solved!

Should they be separated? => ~1500 in Europe


Localities without a name

Posted by pangoSE on 14 January 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 15 January 2020.

Hi, I recently suggested to another mapper that we delete all place=localities without a name.


Quick and dirty OSM statistics with bash and jq

Posted by pangoSE on 10 January 2020 in English (English). Last updated on 11 January 2020.

This is the script I came up with to make some stats on the huts and shelters of Sweden. The data was fetched via overpass-turbo.

download the geojson from Overpass Turbo -> export or save as from JOSM.

example query: access!=private and (tourism=alpine_hut or tourism=wilderness_hut or (amenity=shelter and shelter_type!=public_transport)) in sweden

you can run this query from inside JOSM - see the JOSM wiki.

The script is here:

This was the output for Sweden:

$ ./ vin-190110.geojson 
Numbers of each type:
Shelters - total: 2629
Shelters - Lean to (sv. vindskydd): 793
Shelters - Basic hut (sv. stuga utan uppvärmning): 129
Shelters - Weather shelter (sv. väderskydd endast lämpad för kort uppehåll vid dåligt väder): 355
Shelters - Picnic shelter (sv. liten byggnad med tak, eldstad och skorsten i mitten): 251
Shelters - Unknown type: 1692
Wilderness huts: 43
Alpine huts: 82

Lean_to shelters details:
- has description tag: 29 - 3%
- has fireplace=yes: 305 - 38%
- has floor=wood: 7 - 0%
- has image: 18 - 2%
- has snowmobile=yes: 28 - 3%
- has water_source tag: 4 - 0%
- has wood_provided=yes: 3 - 0%

Basic huts details:
- has description tag: 16 - 12%
- has fireplace=yes: 52 - 40%
- has image: 1 - 0%
- has snowmobile=yes: 18 - 13%
- has water_source tag: 0 - 0%
- has wood_provided=yes: 0 - 0%

Wilderness huts details:
- has description tag: 18 - 41%
- has fireplace=yes: 41 - 95%
- has image: 5 - 11%
- has snowmobile=yes: 18 - 41%
- has water_source tag: 0 - 0%
- has wood_provided=yes: 0 - 0%

Alpine huts details:
- has description tag: 12 - 14%
- has fireplace=yes: 4 - 4%
- has image: 5 - 6%
- has snowmobile=yes: 19 - 23%
- has water_source tag: 2 - 2%
- has wood_provided=yes: 5 - 6%

I created 3 bookmarklets to load relations from WT and to load a relation from in WT


I created these when I got tired of copy pasting the numbers over and over. I hope they will be of use to you.

Happy mapping of relations!

PS: I just updated this bookmarklet to support jumping from Google Maps:

Working with hiking routes

Posted by pangoSE on 8 January 2020 in English (English).

Hi! 😃

Yesterday I worked on hiking routes in Sweden. I wonder how many there are? (“type:relation and route=hiking in sweden” gave me 70 mb of data which is a lot, but actually it would be more useful to measure how many kms of routes there are in comparison to say the area of the country)

I use JOSM and would like to praise and recommend the plugin relationtoolbox. It makes working with relations so much easier.

I probably should make a video about it if nobody beats me to it.

If you want to help you are very welcome, see

I estimate that it will take me years to map, update and split up in parts as I keep finding missing routes, routes with no source, etc. 😅

Efter att ha sett leden nämnt i flera tråder i vandrargrupper på facebook beslutade jag mig i går för att ta en närmare titt på leden.

Här beskriver jag hur jag gick till väga.

Först hittade jag hela leden via!59.9528!16.3369 (man kan söka där efter relationer)

Jag kollade över leden och såg att

  • det finns en 3 noter som hade med leden att göra (1 stuga som saknades intill leden)
  • den är indelad i etapper
  • har en hemsida
  • hemsidan har etappbeskrivningar
  • hemsidan har länk till gamla kartor i pdf
  • endast moderrelationen för leden har website= och dem andra har bare längd och namn m.m.

Utifrån detta beslutade jag att lägga till alla länkar till etappbeskrivningar och kartor.

Frågan är då vilken etikett som passar för kartorna? website:map=? Denna används faktisk redan 440 gånger i databasen, men bara i USA. 1 exempel här:

  • Noterna är nu fixade.
  • flyttat rätt på wikin
  • etappkartorna är nu inlagda


Most are missing. Does someone have access to this data? Anyone living in the area or who is willing to find and ask the relevant french/tchad government agency?

Hi Today I set out to try to calculate the total length of paths in Sweden. I filtered all “highway=path”s using osmconvert and osmfilter from a dump and got an .osm-file.

Now what?

Script? JOSM?

I tried JOSM which failed because if just 1 of the 91,777 paths is closed JOSM refuses to calculate the length it seems.

Any ideas?

Heated highways in OSM

Posted by pangoSE on 14 November 2019 in English (English).

I’m guessing there must be more. Please add anyone you know of! (heated=yes)

Cheers pangoSE

“Permission to trace from heatmap

Wednesday at 19:20

Hi 😃

I would love to improve OSM by tracing missing paths from your heatmap. Are you willing to permit this to OSM users?

Currently OSM is the best outdoor map in Sweden but unfortunately a lot of paths is still missing in my area. I would love to use your heatmap to help me trace and visit new paths and add them to the map.

I look forward to you response and hope that you will give back to the community by allowing this use of the wonderful heatmap.

Cheers pangoSE

Scarlett Today at 17:31


Thanks for your interest in using Strava! If you’re interested to learn more about how Strava data is used for city planning, you can learn more through the Strava Metro site.

Hope that helps!

Regards, Scarlett Strava Support Team”

Any suggestions? They refer me to a service “Strava Metro” that is only available behind a paywall and do not offer a heatmap at all.

Ideas for questions to ask:

  1. You did not answer my question. Am I permitted to trace from your heatmap - yes or no? If you want attribution for allowing us to trace I would be happy to add Strava to our list of contributions:
  2. Strava Metro access would be nice, would you be willing to provide that data for free to OSM users to trace after?

JOSM is my favorite editor! It has so many functions and plugins that almost every task you can think of is covered (besides splitting multipolygons, but work has started to remedy that).

Today I learned how to add new nature reservations from a geojson layer by merging selections from it into my osm data layer.

  1. Select the new element in the json layer
  2. press ctrl+shift+m or edit->merge selection
  3. switch layers and edit the tags
  4. upload

Easy peasy!

JOSM core now support importing geoJSON

Posted by pangoSE on 9 November 2019 in English (English). Last updated on 10 November 2019.

The latest stable release now support geoJSON


Why is this fantastic? Because it means that I can now avoid Shapefiles when exporting from open government data from QGIS and export to “geoJSON with newlines” instead.

//Edit I later found out that KML is better because the attributes of polygons was removed in the geoJSON export.