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Posted by pangoSE on 8 November 2019 in English (English)

You can help with the integration of OSM and Wikidata by using this tool:

A while ago the property OSM relation id was added to Wikidata.

Since then a lot of objects now have an OSM id attached.

This enables us to harnes the power of Wikidata queries and do something with OSM object based on that.

Today I did this search

It outputs the counties of Sweden and their OSM relation id.

I use this to easily get all the ids I need to generate the .poly files I need for my cleanup of water tags project. See

List of contries and OSM ids - a few are still missing

Total number of items in wikidata with OSM relation ids are as of this writing 101725 which is about a third of all relations with a wikidata key.

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