OSM beats Swedish Lantmäteriets best map

Posted by pangoSE on 7 November 2019 in English (English)

Despite not having the same access to resources like laser scanning, aerial photos, etc. we beat LM here:!~62.62401,17.94876,17.253034702482474z/tr!i=eBTVLIGj/search!st=cmp!q=bryggaren%20strand!b=53.95609:-9.49219,69.73333:25.00488!t=weblist?&search=bryggaren%20strand&sst=cmp&st=weblist (their road from NVDB is wrong, the church here is long sold and converted into a brewery and cafe.)

And here:!~62.62882,17.94028,18.286908429940375z/tr!i=eBTVLIGj/search!st=cmp!q=bryggaren%20strand!b=53.95609:-9.49219,69.73333:25.00488!t=weblist?&search=bryggaren%20strand&sst=cmp&st=weblist (Their map does not indicate that you cannot turn left out on 719 from south. Also the bus stop is wrong, paths and a crossing are missing.

Could somebody please add the map on to a compare map service?

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