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JOSM and the ugly christmas lights (aka dynamic buttons) about 11 years ago

Absolutely agree. The recent change of tag hotkey (just in testing I think) wasn't handled very well either. At least on my config, it didn't respect my custom changes.

If you want the developers to hear your opinions you should use the mailing list or the trac ticket system though.

JOSM and the ugly christmas lights (aka dynamic buttons) about 11 years ago

Display settings -> Look and feel -> Dynamic buttons in side menus

Rapid adding of building=entrance (and similar) nodes about 11 years ago

But, yeah it's a neat trick

Rapid adding of building=entrance (and similar) nodes about 11 years ago

That's correct Milliams. Also, pressing Esc aborts the current road, avoiding the need to switch mode. Also, double click will simply add a node. (clicking the last added node aborts the current road, more precisely)

Josm has lots of "secrets" ;) They should probably be made more visible.

Recently I discovered that if you hold control while moving a node and drop it near another node, the nodes are merged.

cities for everyone about 11 years ago

Nice. Your link is garbled btw. (points to

Finally getting into real mapping over 11 years ago

Yeah, the alignment is decent most places, but some places it's really bad. (a place (Trondheim, Norway) I've mapped in, recently got "upgraded" images. Complete with crappy alignment and lots of clouds)

Most annoying are places where some mapping clearly is done from yahoo imagery, some from bing, and maybe some from gps. Usually the differences aren't really significant, but I kinda have to force myself to let it be :)

Finally getting into real mapping over 11 years ago

Just be aware of and :)

Aerial mapping over 11 years ago wuuut? :)

Adding landuse over 11 years ago

The tools for landuse mapping could be a lot better though. JOSM + some plugins (eg. contourmerge) is decent, but not great.

Parallel way tool for JOSM over 11 years ago

Yes, that is absolutely on the TODO list. The patch is moved to a plugin, and should start to be usable now.

Mapping roads near to home over 11 years ago

You are lucky. In my city (almost) all roads are mapped. During summer I'll get some chances to map "blank" areas though.

The day all the map sheets are painted will be bitter-sweet one :)

Three years of dragging my GPS around with me... over 11 years ago

Nice! I really should clean up and organize my tracks, and this gives me some much needed motivation :) (I have not even close to that many track points though)

I see two nice JOSM features comming up over 11 years ago

You shouldn't wait for the debian release. JOSM is really easy to "install". Simply download the jar and do 'java -jar josm.jar' :)

I have learned the hard way that many debain packages (even in testing) are painfully old. Just recently I wasted close to an hour using the outdated mkgmap package. (yes, should have checked the version earlier)

The Best of Bing over 11 years ago

Well done :) You should make some before/after shots. Not sure if there is an easy way though. (ought to be!)

Google Map Maker comes to the USA over 11 years ago

Well, I'm against crowdsource-services that steal* your data in general, and Map Maker seems too fall under that category(?). Hopefully it won't take too many potential contributors away from OSM.

*At a minimum I should be able to export my own data.

People want to give OSM (some) money almost 12 years ago

What are the fees for using Flattr?
- When you add or withdraw money you only pay the fees of the payment provider you choose. This fee is displayed when you add or withdraw money (you can see it on your payment history as well). We take 10% of your incoming revenue as a fee to keep the Flattr systems afloat, hope that's ok?

How do I get money in and out of the Flattr system?
- Currently, Flattr supports most credit cards and direct banking. We're using Moneybookers and PayPal to achieve this. To get money out of the system, we currently support PayPal only.

What are the two "balances" for?
- When you add money to Flattr, it's cheaper for us (and you!) to do it in bigger chunks (results in fewer fees). So instead of paying £2 every month using a payment processor, you can add for example £24 at once. The money will stay in your "means" balance until it's used up. If you get flattred by others, that money will end up in your "revenue" account. When your revenue balance has reached £10 or more you can withdraw the money, for example to your PayPal account. If you want to transfer money from your revenue to your means balance (for flattering) you can do so at any time. However, any money you add to the means is pre-paid for flattring and cannot be withdrawn.

Seems to be about what I proposed above then.. only fairly expensive and with a added scheme (pay to get paid is it?) to promote activity.

It's possible this is currently the best micropayment service, but if this is the "state of the art" I'd rather donate directly in larger chunks and avoid the extra 10% overhead..

Probably not an argument against using it as an addition donation option though :)

People want to give OSM (some) money almost 12 years ago

Sure, but I really think one could do a lot better than 10%. Just a simple service that delayed the payments and used paypal as a back-end for bulk transfers could probably do better.

Ie. users are not charged (or pay in advance) until they've donated eg. 30Euro (counting all projects). Transfers to the projects could be done in even larger chunks.

30Euro yields about 3% overhead for paypal. If project transfers was done in larger chunks you could get below 6% total. (about 5% if one used 300Euro chunks [ ((0.35+0.019*30)*10 + 0.35+0.019*300)/(30*10) ]

I might be missing something though.

Assuming paypal makes a fair bit of profit a non-profit service should be able to do much better.

Google doesn't seem to be any better:

People want to give OSM (some) money almost 12 years ago

Doesn't flattr take a hrm.. quite large fee (10% apparently)? It's really a shame that eg. FSF doesn't run a decent payment service... being stuck with paypal & CO sucks

Bing -- Love or Hate it? almost 12 years ago

The age and alignment is the biggest problems imo. Maybe it would be a good idea to display a warning/infobox when the bing layer is first displayed?

Then again.. the yahoo imagery have been used for a long time without problems (?)

Also, when having a high-res photo layer I get the urge to correct/adjust everything ^^

Last, I'd wish there was a road tracer tool, and a generic area tracer, similar to the lakewalker plugin for josm.

This OSM thing is great!!! almost 12 years ago