I've been mapping for quite some time, spending a lot of resources getting a ridiculous amount of detail in the neighborhood I work. That work is 99% done, and I think I've got a pretty good sense of mapping for OSM.
Yesterday I started working on combing through Tallahassee via the Bing Satellite imagery and fixing things up. There's a lot of residential roads grossly misplaced, and dual carriageways that need to be split out as such.
My plan of attack is to make sure the major roads in Tallahassee are accurately mapped so that at the very least, routing applications could properly take people through the major parts of Tallahassee properly.
I'm debating spending resources on also marking POIs, such as gas stations and grocery stores. That is, of course, very nice to have, but could take significant time away from getting the streets down correctly.

Comment from maxolasersquad on 29 July 2011 at 19:13

Thanks olejorgenb. I noticed this in my mapping. I tried calibrating the images with my GPS, but I found that I can walk the same exact sidewalks multiple times and each time the alignment from my GPS can vary greatly.
I find Bings alignment issues to be mostly ignorable in real-world uses. If I map a road using the alignment at one zoom-level or another, when I use my OSM on my Android device along that road the difference in alignment is negligible.

Comment from olejorgenb on 29 July 2011 at 19:41

Yeah, the alignment is decent most places, but some places it's really bad. (a place (Trondheim, Norway) I've mapped in, recently got "upgraded" images. Complete with crappy alignment and lots of clouds)

Most annoying are places where some mapping clearly is done from yahoo imagery, some from bing, and maybe some from gps. Usually the differences aren't really significant, but I kinda have to force myself to let it be :)

Comment from Rovastar on 30 July 2011 at 01:37

The is pretty much the same way I got more serious into mapping. Local area first and the major roads with Bing. Some were terrible for the major trunk roads and trunk/motorways.

Many armchair mappers do it this way. My phone GPS is not good enough really for accuracy. I find now just having the Bing imagery is the best for the structure/ratios/fell that GPS cannot. A sweeping curved traffic island motorway is difficult to map accurately anyway.

As to where to spend your resources next I look for 'big wins' on the map. Noticeable area covered for little work ratio . Parks, Bodies of water, School areas (then the school buildings), Shopping Centers/Malls (not all the shops initials just the area plot and then building), Supermarkets, Quarries, Sports Centres, Large points of interest to someone, Stadiums, Opera Houses, Prisons, Cemeteries, Railway Station (or even tracks.), etc
also Zoning in areas (commercial/retail/residential)

I feel then the map starts to look alive.

I cannot claim at all for all the mapping of my city, Derby, UK, there are some more dedicated than me, nor is it the best example of a City as there are much better mapped cities and a lot to do...

But it it wasn't that long ago it looked that Tallahassee does at the moment.

It can transform quicker than you think. Keep us updated on your progress.

Comment from Rovastar on 30 July 2011 at 03:16

I just look in your area and saw the neighbour you mapped.

Excellent work there. Sorry from you post I thought you where are a novice mapper and just started, you are more then ready for the rest of city. I also see you have a lot to do but on the bright side large areas like a forest south seem to be near you to map for big easy wins.

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