This OSM thing is great!!!

Posted by dardhal on 16 December 2010 in English (English)

And has gone unnoticed to me for a long time. In the past, you had to resort to highly-priced commercial GPS maps, or resort to get them via lower priced means, but now a whole new world of amateur (but quality) GPS mapping opens to me. Back then, when you saw a missing track, path or feature on the map (talking about Garmin ones), you had to try convoluted and complex processes (most of the Windows only) to incorporate your GPS data to the map. And, at most, and after a painful process, you would have your own, improved / modified map... but no one else would get it, at least, easily and in an scalable way.

There are people around, expert MTB riders and explorers, that have literally hundreds of kilometers of yet unmapped trails, (single)tracks and features waiting for some easy way to share them with the world. Wikiloc sort of fits the bill, and for GPS track sharing, is ok, but being able to community-create a map that includes all that information, is something better than great.

And as a thankful user of the mapping data, I _have_ to contribute back, so I'm in the process of adding lots of tracks, paths and features around home (Madrid, Spain) from my own tracklog archive. Once I get comfortable enough with OSM, JOSM, better practices and the like, I'm willing to initiate a "marketing campaing" trying to make people in the local MTB world aware of OSM, and encouraging them to take part in it, contribute information, and improve the current information available for Spain.

Wow, not bad for a first post, next ones will be shorter. Promise :-)

PS: yes, you can be wondering why I am writing this in english, which is neither my native language nor one I'm that good at, instead of using good'old Spanish, in the end, most people reading this diary and making use (and criticizing) my contributions will be Spanish as well, and even some of them could have problems understanding what I write. Well, most time I'm unable to make my ideas across, so no big problem. And, after all, there is Google Translate and many others.

Comment from Andy Allan on 16 December 2010 at 23:23

Great to see your enthusiasm - I hope you manage to recruit more cycling mappers!

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Comment from seav on 18 December 2010 at 15:10

Glad to have you on board. Warning: it can get very addictive! :-)

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