Re-tagging quadrant routes in Pennsylvania, USA from `ref` -> `ref:penndot`

Posted by oini on 19 January 2016 in English (English)

Quadrant routes in Pennsylvania have 4-digit route numbers prefixed with SR. OSM recommends that these route numbers be tagged with the ref:penndot key rather than the ref key in the following manner: ref:penndot=SR 6000.

  • Total incorrectly tagged ways in Pennsylvania: 6819. Of these:
    • Routes tagged as ref=SR **** or ref=SR****: 6775
    • Routes tagged as ref=Sr **** or ref=Sr****: 44

screen shot 2016-01-19 at 5 12 17 pm

  • Incorrectly tagged ways in Pennsylvania excluding routes with no space: 3132. Of these:
    • Routes tagged as ref=SR ****: 3123
    • Routes tagged as ref=Sr ****: 9

I’m looking into re-tagging these incorrectly tagged ways into ref:penndot=SR **** to prevent any problems with mappers and data users getting confused by the mention of a reference highway that isn’t normally meant for the public being in the ref tag.

The work-flow I’ll be following is listed below:

  • Load overpass turbo link and run the query
  • Export the results into JOSM
  • In JOSM, find objects with the filter ref:sr
  • Rename key for selected objects from ref to ref:penndot
  • The changeset comment i’ll be using is Changing key of quadrant routes in PA which are not signposted from ref to ref:penndot as per OSM Wiki guidelines

For further details on the progress please refer to this repository.

Comment from Minh Nguyen on 19 January 2016 at 17:18

See also this talk-us thread from a year ago.

Comment from jonwit on 19 January 2016 at 17:52

The Keystone State thanks you! Alt text

Comment from bhousel on 19 January 2016 at 21:43

This looks great! Will definitely improve the maps in PA.

Comment from GeoKitten on 28 January 2016 at 13:26

As someone who lives in and maps the Pittsburgh area, I agree with this proposed mechanical edit. Strangely, there are very few of these mistagged refs around where I live; most of them are in central and eastern PA.

Comment from rickmastfan67 on 5 February 2016 at 02:57

GeoKitten, that’s because whenever I saw them over here in the Pittsburgh area, I fixed them. ;)

Comment from rickmastfan67 on 5 February 2016 at 03:17

Also, there might be a few ‘quadrant’ routes hidden in the regular ref tags with another ‘normal’ route. Is there an easy way to find these as well and fix them too?

For example, if a ref is ‘ref=US 22 Business;SR3006’, would you be able to find that hidden ‘SR3006’ and move it to the ‘ref:penndot=’ tag?

Comment from rickmastfan67 on 5 February 2016 at 03:35

Plus I hope you will fix any ‘ref:penndot=Sr *’ tags to ‘ref:penndot=SR *’ that were done in the ‘test’ period. ;)

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