Minh Nguyen

Mapper since:
April 08, 2008

Hi, I’m Minh Nguyễn, an armchair mapper since 2008, shoe-leather mapper since 2015, wiki-fiddler since time immemorial, and OpenStreetMap U.S. board member since 2019. By day, I work at Mapbox writing iOS map and navigation software powered by OSM.

Most of my mapping contributions are clustered around the Greater Cincinnati area (where I grew up in Loveland) and the Santa Clara Valley (where I now live in San José and co-organize the local mapping community with Code for San José). I use the Web-based iD editor for virtually all my editing, because I like well-designed UIs and also want to stay in touch with how ordinary mappers experience the project. I’ve participated in large-scale imports of buildings and addresses in New Orleans, sidewalks and buildings in San José, and buildings and addresses in Cincinnati. Occasionally I also whip out my phone camera or commit some code to OSM-related projects.

I originally started mapping to cope with homesickness and procrastinate on homework, but what keeps me coming back is OpenStreetMap’s potential to democratize mapmaking and help narrow the digital divide. Since the beginning, I’ve contributed to OpenStreetMap entirely in a personal capacity, and I consider my contributions to be in the public domain. Until I joined Mapbox in February 2015, my job had nothing to do with maps anyways.

Find out more about me on the wiki or say hello on Slack. (I’m also on the forum and the help site but don’t check those sites often.)