tl;dr the release notes 🙂

If you go to now, you will be greeted with the latest point release: 3.1.3. This is likely the final public release before 3.2, which will be a bigger one featuring a design refresh among other things! For now though, let me summarize the highlights of the 3.1.3 release.


MapRoulette is now available in Korean, thanks Dongha Hwang!

MapRoulette in Korean

The Japanese translation was updated to fix minor typos. MapRoulette is now available in 7 languages. If you want to contribute a translation file, have a look at the pull request for the Korean translation to get started. Don’t hesitate to ask if you get stuck!

Task Styling

Thanks to a pull request by Ilya Zverev, MapRoulette now lets you style the appearance of your tasks on the map using the simplestyle standard devised by Mapbox. They have a simple example in their documentation to give you an idea of how to apply styling using simplestyle.

Leaderboard Updates

Have you been fixing tasks in say, the United Kingdom and feel like you deserve some credit for it? Now you can point your friends to the new country Leaderboard and show off your hard work. We use bounding boxes for the countries, so it’s not an exact science, but pretty close in many cases. Another new thing you can do in the Leaderboards is load more results after you scroll down to the bottom. And you may like that we will now always show your place in the leaderboard even if you’re way down.

24th place but at least I show up now!

Other Updates

As usual, there’s more: new keyboard shortcuts, a new search shortcut, display tweaks. Read the full release notes for that. Happy mapping!


Comment from cabinetcourbi on 7 February 2019 at 22:24

Great job, really excited to check these improvements ;-)

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