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Markdown vs Kramdown 7 months ago

Also, das Problem hier war ein zusätzliches Leerzeichen zwischen dem […] und dem (link) : [...] (link) - der alte Parser hat das noch toleriert, beim neuen treten die bekannten Effekte auf. TomH hat jetzt dankenswerterweise einen Blog post manuell korrigiert:

Vielleicht kannst du ja nochmal einen Blick auf deine anderen Blog posts werfen und dort selbst die Links geradeziehen.

Markdown vs Kramdown 7 months ago

Ich habe jetzt einen Kommentar zum ursprünglichen Pull Request ergänzt:

Markdown vs Kramdown 7 months ago

Nein. Dein passiv aggressiver Ton passt hier echt nicht rein. Wenn du ein Problem hast, mach halt ein Issue auf Github auf und schildere dort sachlich dein Problem, ohne zu unterstellen, dass die Maintainer oder Admins die letzten Deppen sind, die es einfach nicht gebacken kriegen.

Markdown vs Kramdown 7 months ago

Also mit Bild innen und Link außen tut das ohne Probleme:

OSM APP 8 months ago

That’s just spam!

Some numbers about mailing lists (part 2): Number of messages per mailing list and year, most active authors since 2016 9 months ago

Looking at the huge number of communication channels on and all related sites mentioned there, I think that would be quite a massive task.

Unlike the mailing list archive with its single server and uniform access, each platform has some different kind of API, if at all. Some platforms might require you to sign up first (e.g. Slack), and scraping websites might violate their ToUs.

Lots of project related communication also happens on various issue tracker (Github, Trac, etc.), and keeping track of them isn’t exactly trivial.

Also, people sometimes use different nicknames on different platforms, which makes it a bit more difficult to link profiles.

To sum up, we’re probably looking at hundreds if not thousands of different channels that would need to be covered for a somewhat comprehensive view. And all that keeps changing over time.

Some numbers about mailing lists (part 2): Number of messages per mailing list and year, most active authors since 2016 9 months ago

Pretty obvious I would say. Mailing lists are 1870’s technology, and lots of people use different communication channels today that are more familiar and convenient to them. I for one find it quite annoying that I cannot edit my mailing list posts after sending. If there’s one thing those figure are not indicative for, is that the overall osm project related traffic is declining. It’s simply spread across so many more channels.

Der Weg zur SotM 2018 10 months ago

The phrase “….” is repeated 5 times.

Not sure where you’re getting this, the original doesn’t have that sentence repeated. Maybe some glitch in your translation tool?

New demo for changeset upload available 11 months ago

Testing continues on the OSM Dev server now:

See this link for details.

svg-Export auf Bitmap statt Vektorgrafik 11 months ago

Das Thema wird bereits im Forum diskutiert, bitte dort weitermachen:

Searching relations 11 months ago

Case insensitive wildcard search for a relation name isn’t really that difficult:

rel["name"~"härnö trail",i];
out geom;
Searching relations 11 months ago

overpass * does not search case-insensitive

That’s also incorrect. Please check out the documentation first next time before posting.

How to find the changeset details of any OSM map feature about 1 year ago

Your example query uses “2010-08-01T00:00:00Z” as date along the comment “Find data in view at any point in time”. That’s not quite accurate, since Overpass API only includes data since the ODbl license change, which is 2012-Sep-12.


There is no attic data in the OpenStreetMap database with a date earlier than 2012-09-12T06:55:00Z (1347432900 in epoch seconds). This date corresponds to the first change included in the ODbL compliant planet file. Use of an earlier date setting is technically possible, but doing so will always return the database state as of 2012-09-12T06:55:00Z.

New demo for changeset upload available about 1 year ago

No, it’s not in production. You’re getting some Rails issue here, probably due to the server move.

Better way of verifying the connectedness of relations? about 1 year ago

I think I still have to read just the top relation node from OSM API because overpass does not include the last edit time for the relation,

There’s really no need for OSM API for your use case. All you have to do is to use out meta; instead of out body; and you should be all set.

[out:json]; rel(5173237); (._;>;); out meta;

If you don’t need to resolve relation members, try rel(5173237);out meta;

Please take a look at the docs for more details.

Better way of verifying the connectedness of relations? about 1 year ago

It’s not a license thing, for sure. As I said, it’s about the usage policy, and the purpose for which you use the API. The policy states: The editing API is provided in order to edit the map data, not for read-only purposes or projects.

From your description it doesn’t sound like you’re editing the map, but it’s rather some pulling OSM data and doing some local analysis thing, which is not permitted according to this policy.

Better way of verifying the connectedness of relations? about 1 year ago

i don’t recommend using the Osm api for your project, as it would violate the usage policy:

New demo for changeset upload available about 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for taking the time to test different scenarios and providing some feedback here. Much appreciated.

This project started in December 2017 as a complete redesign of the current Rails based implementation with a special focus on backwards compatibility and performance. It leverages mass database operations wherever possible. My main motivation to start this project was probably my dissatisfaction with the current performance.

The idea to move the changeset upload to cgimap is not really new: it was first mentioned in some 2011 EWG chat protocols and later appeared in the GSoC 2017 + 2018 proposals, which unfortunately nobody accepted as a challenge. This project is pretty much independent of any GSoC, though. zerebubuth was helping quite a bit to fit the new implementation into the current cgimap, and getting it technically “ready for deployment”.

PS: Everyone can still help out! The more testers we have, the more potential issues we can discover at an early stage! Thanks to all testers providing feedback so far.

Copying from Google Maps about 1 year ago

Remove all those ({{bbox}}) and your query will be much faster.

Creating a quick Survey Kit with Overpass Turbo about 1 year ago

Try nwr instead of node to also include ways and relations, and finally out center meta; to get all center points of those hits. Export to gpx and everything else should be as described in your blog post.