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Google Summer of Code 2022 1 day ago

Tiles are mostly served by Fastly CDN these days. IIRC, tile_logsonly includes tiles which haven’t been cached by the CDN and need to be re-rendered. This might result in quite some skewed data. I’d highly recommend to get in touch with @pnorman to discuss those topics before starting actual implementation work.

Openstreetmap-Carto – Democracy Or anarchy? 6 days ago

One thing I found particularly troubling was the project’s inability to acquire and retain talent in the area of cartographic design, as well as the state of the underlying rendering technology [mapnik].

Quoting from the blog post:

If a map design project outgrows the technical framework it is based on, like OSM-Carto increasingly did in 2016, this is a huge problem. Not only because it technically makes it harder to implement design wise necessary or desired changes, but also because it makes contributing increasingly unattractive for the most qualified designers who strive for excellence in design. A map design project where the appearance of the map is not primarily determined by the conscious decision of designers about how they want the map to look, but by the limitations of the software used, is destined for mediocrity and is never going to be a balanced map well serving its design goals.

And yes, I do realize this is a very different discussion than the one in this OSM diary.

Openstreetmap-Carto – Democracy Or anarchy? 6 days ago

Nobody posted this yet, so here we go:

New mobile editor: Every Door 14 days ago

StreetComplete queries Overpass on the fly so yes, if you add opening hours every subsequent query from StreetComplete will see it.

That’s not correct anymore for some time now. StreetComplete uses the OSM API to fetch all data in a bounding box, then performs some post processing on the mobile device. So data will be even more up to date, as the OSM API doesn’t have any delay at all.

Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific Help Desk Recap and Other Updates - #4 about 1 month ago

You should check out Protomaps, it’s really easy to use, very fast, and doesn’t require any email registration like the Export Tool. You can even upload your own shape file.

Supported formats include raw data osm.pbf format ( ) as well as vector tile formats (see )

Join us for a community skillshare session: OSM Diary and OSM Wiki on 25 February, 12:00 UTC! 3 months ago

Re.: “Deleting a diary post”: you need to get in touch with a moderator (or administrator). Both roles can hide diary posts, as well as hide any comments.

OverpassQL for downloading bus roads and bus stops data into JOSM 4 months ago

You can also find plenty of example queries:


I’d recommend adding four leading space characters in each line to fix the formatting of your queries. Also, putting your queries on the OSM Wiki might be a good idea.

Without 4 leading spaces

( way[“highway”~”unclassified|residential|tertiary|secondary”]“postal_code”!~”.*”; );

With 4 leading spaces

OSM what is needed and what to do 4 months ago

In case this temp layer thing should be part of the stack, this has been suggested by a several people in the past. Frequently mentioned use cases are facilitating imports, QA, approval workflows, conflation. All the usual suspects.

None of this is really feasible, as the entire stack (including all data consumers) is not prepared for such things. And it would certainly be a huge effort to add it.

On the gound rule and community review process 4 months ago

The comments seem to be correct, I don’t see any changes affecting the area of Taiwan: achavi (experimental fork), changeset map (experimental fork).

Updated contributor stats - the end of 5 months ago

The most notable effect is the drop off in new contributors in the 2nd half of 2021 […]

I’m not exactly sure if ever supported Basic Auth. In any case their “automated sign up process” was likely impacted by a security fix in some time around July 2021.

By the way, Organic maps fixed the issue pretty much on the same day.

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

I tried the previous example on Python 3.5.3 on Win10, and i’m unable to reproduce your error message. It works just fine here, even without “backslashreplace”. Ubuntu 20.04 is pretty much the same.

>>> "𫙮魚坑溪".encode(encoding="utf-8").decode(encoding="UTF-8")
>>> "𫙮魚坑溪".encode(encoding="utf-8", errors="backslashreplace").decode(encoding="UTF-8")

TBH, I’m running a bit of of ideas here.

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

I also tried this Overpass query on my patched instance with ICU Regexp support, looking for any signs of surrogate characters: (this won’t run on any other public instance)

I couldn’t find anything, though.

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

By the way, U+D800 and U+DFFF would be rejected as invalid already:

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

So, the fact that OSM contains these surrogates, is at least discouraged from the point of view of UTF-8 conformance (“…have to be rejected.”).

Do you have an example for this? Our previous example is not part of the U+D800—U+DFFF range.

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

Thanks. I guess this must be the one with two question marks in front (??魚坑溪), which is is probably 𫙮魚坑溪 in (version 11)

For the avoidance of doubt, everything in OSM is UTF-8 encoded, even this example. I don’t know exactly what your Python code was doing before. Without actual code we’ll never find out.

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 5 months ago

@mboeringa: apologies, we can’t really help you with your custom Python code. In case you want others to take a look at this, please include the exact OSM object id and version number and ideally also a minimum code snippet to reproduce your issue.

Let's map some road names in Klang Valley, Malaysia! 7 months ago

@lyx: maybe you should take a look at the maproulette instructions:

Add road names in Klang Valley, from the locations provided. Each location contains a KartaView link, in one of the tags, that could represent a road name. Please verify the image, as well as other images in the location’s area and provide one of the tags: name, alt_name or other tags mentioned in the wiki page…

(emphasis mine)

Example KartaView link would be:

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 7 months ago

Right, the API would only validate proper UTF-8 character encoding, but can’t validate if the data uses valid Unicode character codes. The issue I see is that the Unicode consortium keeps adding more and more characters over time (mostly Emojis), which is a massive pain for an API to keep up to date with.

However, I still think, we’re not giving any guarantees beyond UTF-8 character encoding, such as input data adheres to Unicode 14.0 Character Code (or whatever happens to be the current version).

OpenStreetMap Isn't Unicode 7 months ago

I pasted the code here so you can give it a try for yourself, and check out different byte strings:

In a quick test, it seems to adhere to the table shown on

In case you think we need something else, please provide concrete examples, pointers to relevant documentation, ideally even reference implementations.