In January a post to the talk-us mailing list mentioned the NAIP imagery services from the USDA. With the discontinuation of the “USGS Large Scale Imagery” service, these layers have become one of the better ways to access recent imagery in the United States.

To make it easier to add the layers to JOSM, I put together a page with JOSM Remote Control links:

Much of the same imagery is also available from a different service, with the continental US as one layer:, but it seems that imagery is not immediately updated and is run from a different server, so good to be aware of both sources.


Comment from Stereo on 11 February 2017 at 01:17

Ah, this might be a good half solution for the US Department of State Humanitarian Information Unit imagery too!

Comment from Glassman on 11 February 2017 at 03:35

My mine must be muddled. Can you give more info on adding to JOSM?

Comment from maxerickson on 11 February 2017 at 13:26

Hi Glassman if you go to the linked page, from there you can click one of the links like ‘Alabama_2015_1m’ to add the NAIP layer for that state in JOSM.

Comment from BushmanK on 11 February 2017 at 18:57

Any layer can be added using a conventional way by copying a service URL from this page , going to Imagery -> Preferences, hitting +WMS button, pasting an URL into #1, and following the instructions (you can even select a different image format there).

It is a kind of inconvenient that they have NAIP imagery published as separate services, not layers of a single service.

Comment from Glassman on 11 February 2017 at 20:16

Found my problem. My browser was blocking

To add the imagery permanently, I needed to go to the link for Washington 2015 1m select wms and copy the url found start after xlink:href=

Comment from maxerickson on 11 February 2017 at 20:54

Glassman, did the “Set WMS Bookmark” method mentioned on the page not work?

Comment from Glassman on 12 February 2017 at 01:25

The Set WMS Bookmark would have worked but I was having a problem with chrome blocking so I did the work around.

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