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Pretty easy, the mailto: links in the archives at, used with a reasonable client, maintain threading.

I’m using the support for Gmail that is built into Firefox. A couple clicks to set it up, find mailto on the about:preferences#applications page and select ‘Use Gmail’ from the dropdown list.

In January a post to the talk-us mailing list mentioned the NAIP imagery services from the USDA. With the discontinuation of the “USGS Large Scale Imagery” service, these layers have become one of the better ways to access recent imagery in the United States.

To make it easier to add the layers to JOSM, I put together a page with JOSM Remote Control links:

Much of the same imagery is also available from a different service, with the continental US as one layer:, but it seems that imagery is not immediately updated and is run from a different server, so good to be aware of both sources.