a lot of whitespace for Philippine armchair mapping

Posted by maning on 18 January 2010 in English (English)

I recently created a wikipage for the inventory of high-res images available for the Philippines [1]. I found out there's a lot of work we can do even without GPS.

Armchair mapping can be very handy to add road stubs and other details even if you don't know much of the area.

I found out recently a typical newbie behavior in the Philippines. Newbies usually don't touch white areas even if there is available high-res imagery. They usually correct something or add a few minor details that go out into the vast whitespaces.

Seeing the whitespots from my highres imagery inventory page, I started adding road along the Pampanga area [2] and will continue in the coming days. I hope newbies locals can fill in the details.

Anyone can also contribute, but for now, I encourage everyone to donate some mapping time to Haiti [3] and Albania [4].


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