holiday edits in Marikina

Posted by maning on 29 December 2009 in English (English)

I've been filling small gaps on my relatively "road complete" patch this holiday. Funny you can still find a few footways here and there.

So far I was able to:
- complete city administrative boundaries:
- add a few POI along one of the major commercial strip:
- edited and merged several landuse boundaries

POI mapping is relatively easy on bike and a camera. You need to slow down a bit and try to balance one hand holding the gps (I don't mount the unit onto my bike because vibration for smoothness:horrible roads makes my trace wiggle unnecessarily) and the other holding the digital camera.

There is a little bit of personal bias with my preference on what POI to map. Others can of course fill in the gaps.

One question, on estimating the distance of POI from the road, I usually place it 5 -10 meters from the road centerline depending on how wide the roads are. Is this common practice?

Location: Marikina East Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina, Metro Manila, NULL, Philippines

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