Preparations for the SOTM2011 Sate of the [Country] lightning talk.

Posted by maning on 5 September 2011 in English (English)

[I sent this message to the talk-ph list. Posting here just in case other osm-ph mappers not subscribed have other ides. ]

I am know collating my mental notes in preparation for the "State of
the PH" lightning talk for SOTM2011. And since this is a community
presentation, I might as well ask you on what we should be presenting.

The primary source materials of my talk is the wiki [0,1,2] and of
course, this list [3]. For sure the OSM-PH data has grown tremendously
in the the past 2 years. There a number of factors that may have
contributed to this growth. I would like to focus the presentation on
on 4 main points. Perhaps you can help me develop the discussion.

1. The osm-ph community. Who is the "community"? What characterize a
PH OSMer? How do we map? What are the innovative ways we do to
improve the map? Are the data users part of this community? Is the
talk-ph list and discussions here a representative sample of the osm-ph

2. How do we use the data? Some sample of data useage we can
illustrate. Maybe a ph brewed mapping application? Or other ways you
have used the data? If there are any,
please provide a link or description and a screenshot.

3. Issues and concerns. Why are we growing in some areas but not
in others? How do you guage our relationship with other crowdsource
mapping initiative in the country (google mapmaker,, wikimapia)?

4. The future. How do you see the state of PH data in a year or two?
What should be done to further improve and expand data coverage?

If you any thoughts, just send them here or as a PM. Thanks!


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