Why I'm running for OpenStreetMap US again

Posted by lxbarth on 4 October 2013 in English (English)

Because I love it.

Open data is changing the world. OpenStreetMap, as a true open data project of the commons, is proving its viability with continuously growing contributor numbers and expanding adoption. We're well under way to replace what has been historically the realm of governments and proprietary-data companies with amazing open data that is not better because it's cheaper, but actually provides fresher and more detailed data because it's open and community driven. It's exciting to be a part of this in my job as data lead at MapBox, as an individual contributor and as a board member of the OpenStreetMap US chapter.

This last year on the board of OpenStreetMap US has been amazing. Working together with Jim, John, Randy and Martijn on the board and with the great support of community members like Kathleen Danielson, Bonnie Bogle and Ian Dees, we've brought the organization to a new level. We're honing in on our goal to not only promote OpenStreetMap in the United States, but to make it bigger, stronger and more diverse. Here are some of the things we've accomplished:

For the next year I want to stay 100% focused on continuing to grow OpenStreetMap in the US and beyond. I am convinced we can do this only by uniting the many voices of our project and by being as open and inviting as possible to newcomers. This is why it will be so important to nail our conference again. The importance of State of the Map US for the growth of OpenStreetMap cannot be overstated. It is the main tool we have to convene our community, pull in new individuals and institutions and discuss the future of the project. OpenStreetMap brings together interests from very different backgrounds: it's being used and improved by individual mappers, businesses, governments and nonprofits. Individuals work with it as data consumers, data producers, software developers, designers and researchers. This diversity is exactly our strength and is exactly what we need to continue to grow OpenStreetMap.

I would love your vote for pushing on this vision on the board of OpenStreetMap US.

OpenStreetMap US elections are running from October 5th to October 12th, to vote, you simply need to be a member of OpenStreetMap US. Signing up only takes a minute, find out all details about the election over on the blog.

OpenStreetMap colored by contributor id

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