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Google Map Maker is Down

Posted by lib2know on 13 May 2015 in English.

Google shut down it’s Map Maker. They keep out their community until the algorithms recognize symbols with androids pissing on apples ;-) What, if they do something else on a window?

Please feed your blogs and social media with this information in a polite and decent way. Maybe we can attract more mapping enthusiasts as contributors to OpenStreetMap !

More Information

Que vol assistir a una trobada de la OpenStreetMap?

  • Conèixer altres col·laboradors de la OpenStreetMap;
  • parlar de la OpenStreetMap;
  • sessió de mapping junts;
  • planificar per a millorar la OpenStreetMap en Andorra;
  • anunciar nova edites als comuns

Preferiria una tarde o vespre de dilluns a la trobada del Linux. Però sóc d’acord amb un altre lloc o una altra hora també.

Aquest article necessitar milloraments. Si us plau enviar comentaris per a corregir ;-)

Who is interested in a meeting for OpenStreetMap contributors in Andorra?

Posted by lib2know on 16 April 2015 in English. Last updated on 20 April 2015.

Hola tots :-)

Who is interested in a meeting of OpenStreetMap contributors in Andorra?

  • learn to know each other
  • talk about OpenStreetMap
  • mapping session working together at the same time on different parts of Andorra
  • making plans how to improve OpenStreetMap in Andorra
  • promote OpenStreetMap, for instance by mail to the comús with new contributions

I would prefer a monday evening, at the Linux Meeting. But i am open to any other time and place.

Lower Part of Arinsal

Posted by lib2know on 16 August 2014 in English. Last updated on 2 January 2015.

On Saturday 23rd is “World Linux Day”. At the same time “Festa Major d’Arinsal”. So we celebrate the World Linux Day with Tapas in Arinsal.

While making the invitations i found Llum d’Oli might be hard to find in the middle of a big gray “residential area”. So i worked out some details of lower Arinsal like that: lower Arinsal Map. Much better than before :-)

Only mistake i added a “note” cause i thought thats a kind of private mark. Then i released it but it is still visible. How can i make it disappear?

Location: Mas de Ribafeta, Arinsal, La Massana, AD400, Andorra

Welcome !

Posted by lib2know on 17 July 2014 in English. Last updated on 16 May 2015.

Welcome to my OpenStreetMap Blog !

These are my very first contributions on OpenStreetMap. Thanks for any hint to improve my mapping!

My first two sessions were just details like buildings, amenities and shops. Even a few very tiny paths and streets which are not obvious on the satellite pictures. Especially shadows of the late afternoon sun and trees hided them.

Very funny: 216 changes now! My initial idea was just to add the restaurant Prat Gran in La Massana where Andorra’s weekly Linux meeting is located: Linux Meeting Point (Edit: The meetings find place in Andorra la Vella now)

If there is any Andorran mapper out there, or a mapper is willing to visit our little country, please send me a message :-) English, Catala, Spanish, German emails will be understood. cheers lib2know