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Posted by lasstmichinruhe on 21 June 2014 in German (Deutsch)

just made another animated gif showing the evolution of my project "falciano del massico" in the region of campania/italy

Evolution of Falciano del Massico

Location: Corso Oriente, Falciano del Massico, CE, Kampanien, Italien

Comment from lasstmichinruhe on 21 June 2014 at 11:30

link funzt noch nicht :( ich arbeite dran

Comment from lasstmichinruhe on 21 June 2014 at 11:41

now it works, thanks to imgur

Comment from poppei82 on 21 June 2014 at 11:45


Comment from Aury88 on 21 June 2014 at 15:32

Hi lasstmichinruhe. how do you create this animation? I use screenshot in various times and an image editor (i.e. Gimp or Photoshop) but I'm searching some new way (possibly automated ) to doing this type of things.

regards Aury88

Comment from lasstmichinruhe on 21 June 2014 at 15:53

hi Aury, i do screenshots and export their layers as a gif using GIMP... nothing special

screenshots always from the same permalink - fullscreen in your browser (F11) - give the screenshots logic names like "falciano01" "falciano02" ... and so on

but i bet u actually do this

greets - lasstmichinruhe

Comment from TheFive on 21 June 2014 at 17:31

Hi Auir88,

See SOTM EU Vidieo of Roland about attic Data and Overpass API.

He has an automatisation suggestion, if you render by your own.


Comment from Aury88 on 22 June 2014 at 06:17

Ok, thank you guys!


Comment from dalek2point3 on 24 June 2014 at 19:15

this is the tool you need to do the job:

Comment from lasstmichinruhe on 25 June 2014 at 11:10

thanks for the link! i'll try that soon


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