Mapper since:
December 30, 2008

TheFive in K├╝rze und Deutsch

Ich bin im wesentlichen in meiner Heimatgemeinde Reken und in Haan als Mapper unterwegs.

TheFive in English & short

I am mapping in germany (NRW). You can find more information about me in our wiki.

I use the following accounts for OpenStreetMap purposes.

OpenStreetMap Services

OSM Wiki: TheFive OSM Forum: TheFive Wochennotiz: TheFive OSM Help (more seldom): TheFive

Other Services, with OpenStreetMap relevance for me

Github (OSMBC, OSMCount + Issue Tracking) TheFive
Twitter (writing staff no body cares about): Fortunately i have left twitter.

TheFive on Mastodon