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Missing Maps Mapathons Core Team

I loved the simplicity & clarity of definitions… of the core team and also “The most important thing is that the community, WHO, understands and agrees on WHY and works on WHAT.” Well structured.

In covid times, we have experienced actually, rather than the 'Prague core team', evolving into a community of core team members with shared interests, activities, languages, experiences and goals across the Czech republic and Slovakia. It was a joy to eventually visit each other's mapathons and meet in person (and go to pub at the end of the day, getting to know each other, better connecting and sometimes planning). Help with validation and training from core team members across geographic boundaries has also been invaluable. Please do come back check on us & drink Club maté at a mapathon, queef, if you feel like it :)

OpenStreetMap data in action: earthquake response

Nice collection. Btw. you have MSF for the MapAction North East Syria Reference Map.

Current errors observed during my validation during the data quality internship

Nice observations on validation.


Nice first entry! I love how you ended with your aspiration. I really wish you to be able to contribute to humanitarian action in the future.

Common Feedback I give while Validating Building Projects on HOT’s Tasking Manager

Becky, great effort at cataloguing most common points to improve and sharing agood practice. To the Buildings sharing nodes, I usually also recommend (more so at mapathons than in comments) to the mappers to hold down alt when the corners are close, it prevents the nodes from snapping together. Will share a link to your entry from the Missing Maps, because this fits very well into our communications strategy.

Launching an open mapping hub in Asia - what's the starting focus for HOT?

I had not picked up on the fact they are called hOSM Hubs, not HOT Hubs, that is indeed more inviting for the community… glad I read your post @RebeccaF. Good luck with supporting & growing hOSM ecosystem in Asia and curious to hear/read a report on the progress down the road.