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Posted by jamesks on 8 December 2008 in English (English)

I have compiled a large part of the outskirts Madrid, and the Comunidad de Madrid, tracing, investigations etc. Now time to do work on the ground. Some issues - need the boundaries of the provinces, towns, cities and districts - I wonder if these are available? There is also a need to add tags for different administrative levels without having the boundaries (e.g. district, barrio) , and for tagging rather indefined areas of land.
The details of the schools that have ben put on the map are very useful for looking up texts on the places to correct and add details.
There are many large new housing developments around Madrid - some are not on Yahoo maps, so need visited. Often streets have been laid out, but in the current crisis of construction one cannot be sure they have actually been built without visiting!

Comment from ivansanchez on 8 December 2008 at 13:56

Hi, James, this is ivansanchez from Madrid :-)

First of all, thanks for tracing all that huge chunks of Madrid!

About the boundaries, I do know that the IGN publishes the boundaries for provinces, municipalities and cities, and (at least) the province boundaries have a license which is near public domain (so, no problem). I don't know about the exact license terms of the municipalities and city voundaires, but I can ask.

Could you please pass by the talk-es mailing list, or write to me, so we can see how to import that data? (I don't check the diaries very often)

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