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going to live in Seville

Posted by jamesks on 31 August 2010 in English (English).

Moving to Seville - tracing some roads and streets in the places I am looking at living

sketching out western spain

Posted by jamesks on 2 October 2009 in English (English).

Using official road lists and yahoo to sketch out the secondary and tertiary roads in C-L and C-M and even EX


Posted by jamesks on 7 July 2009 in English (English).


Location: 建设西路社区, Xinhuabeilu Subdistrict, Tianshan District, Ürümqi, Xinjiang, 830000, China

detail editing in Madrid

Posted by jamesks on 11 February 2009 in English (English).

Adding parks, commons, footpaths, correcting streets, hunting down details of building, strange areas etc. Still confused about how to categorise streets in the city. In the UK and some other cities the road classification system continues into towns, so for those mappers, who were the ones who developed the classification, it is not a problem, but in Spain (in madrid anyway) , major roads do not have classification number -they have a name. How to decide their tagging? Should it be on some historical classification? hard - many manjor roads are not replaced by new motorways, and have lost the nistorical, national significance, e.g. as the place one leave for another city from the city centre (e.g. Puerta de Sol, Place San Jacques). Should classification be done in terms of the numbers of lanes? e.g. 3 lanes each way= secondary, 4 lanes = primary; more = trunk. (Trunk is a very odd concept anyway) OR should all major roads be 'secondary' as they are not roads linking cities, and therefore are not major highways.
What about the smaller roads connecting districts - I assume they should be 'tertiary', just to show the traveller that these are the recommended routes.
In Madrid the major roads and junctions are indicated on direction signage in Green signs, the same as Secondary roads. Smaller streets are not usually given directions.
OSM also does not have the concept of an urban street (the proposal was abandoned) - some thing to distinguish purely residential streets from those with mixed use that are not major thoroughfares.

Location: San Diego, Vallecas, Puente de Vallecas, Madrid, Área metropolitana de Madrid y Corredor del Henares, Community of Madrid, 28001, Spain

lots of Madrid

Posted by jamesks on 8 December 2008 in English (English).

I have compiled a large part of the outskirts Madrid, and the Comunidad de Madrid, tracing, investigations etc. Now time to do work on the ground. Some issues - need the boundaries of the provinces, towns, cities and districts - I wonder if these are available? There is also a need to add tags for different administrative levels without having the boundaries (e.g. district, barrio) , and for tagging rather indefined areas of land.
The details of the schools that have ben put on the map are very useful for looking up texts on the places to correct and add details.
There are many large new housing developments around Madrid - some are not on Yahoo maps, so need visited. Often streets have been laid out, but in the current crisis of construction one cannot be sure they have actually been built without visiting!

South of Madrid

Posted by jamesks on 28 October 2008 in English (English). Last updated on 29 October 2008.

Lots of way-tracing from Yahoo. Now Madrid has some suburbs, though I am glad I do not live there.
also adding some towns and villages further out towards Toledo.

Location: El Pinar, Centro - El Arroyo - La Fuente, Fuenlabrada, Área metropolitana de Madrid y Corredor del Henares, Community of Madrid, 28944, Spain


Posted by jamesks on 22 October 2008 in English (English).

Traced a whole section of southern Madrid that was not on the map... 2 weeks holiday there at christmas should give some time to go round some of it

import of borders of north afganistan, pakisan

Posted by jamesks on 1 October 2008 in English (English).

Discover that the open borders data from the US is from the 80s, so none of the Central Asia republics are on it. Want to find a way to import the shape files from VMAP0

Location: Former Chitrāl District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 17200, Pakistan

lots more added to Fergana valley

Posted by jamesks on 12 September 2008 in English (English).

Added cities, roads, many canals, found a few mountain names too. Learning Uzbek and Russian to do this!

Location: Bo'zton tumani, Andijan Region, 170400, Uzbekistan


Posted by jamesks on 9 September 2008 in English (English).

Picked a spot on a part of the globe with very little mapping, almost nothing on the other main internet maps - Fergana in Uzbekistan. V good quality satellite images to be tracked, plus some hunting for info about the places like Besqaria, Isfara. Some images from flickr, and wikipedia entries to help.

Dumbiedykes and Canongate, Edinburgh

Posted by jamesks on 29 August 2008 in English (English).

Walked around Dumbiedykes, which is a largely pedestrian estate, with lots of steps - does not show well on any map I know - I have got much of it, but there are many steps I still have not go. Filled in a few streets.
The lanes around Canongate were a bit of disaster - existing ones completely in the wrong place. Tried to get it right in the area between the Parliament and Moray House - The moray hosue complex needs revisited. (Found a nice page of old maps of central edinburgh )

Location: Dumbiedykes, Southside, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Glentress cycle networks

Posted by jamesks on 28 August 2008 in English (English).

added these routes

Location: Eshiels, Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland, EH45 8NQ, United Kingdom

Sanxenxo in Pontevedra

Posted by jamesks on 26 August 2008 in English (English).

Added streets to Sanxenxo, country roads and quite a few of the paths in the hills and woods based on GPS and yahoo tracing

Location: Padriñán, Sanxenxo, O Salnés, Pontevedra, Galicia, 36960, Spain

San Lorenzo de El Escorial +

Posted by jamesks on 26 August 2008 in English (English).

From lots of GPS track I have managed to add a great deal of the footpaths in the hills behind and around Escorial, on abantos and around the Sierra de Guadarrama. However the actual village itself needs completed with a new visit.
also some tracks and roads to Villabla, Cercedilla, Siete Picos etc

Location: La Herrería, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Cuenca del Guadarrama, Community of Madrid, 28200, Spain

Pentlands paths (edinburgh, Scotland)

Posted by jamesks on 26 August 2008 in English (English).

Adding paths and peaks in the Pentlands, based on gps tracks and some of Yahoo images (but hese only cover a small amount).

Location: Bonaly, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, EH13 0EU, United Kingdom

Amsterdam Trams

Posted by jamesks on 26 August 2008 in English (English).

Surprised to find that the tram network in Amsterdam is not very well developed. added some of the lines I regularly take when visiting. Some issues about whether to draw new ways, or make exisiting way railway=tram

Location: De Baarsjes, West, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands, 1057WX, Netherlands


Posted by jamesks on 26 August 2008 in English (English).

Visit to Rotterdam, correct and add some street around where I am staying. Main problem with Rotterdam is the tram network is not completed. Trams run beteen two lane of major roads, or sometimes on their own roads, so I have drawn some based on GPS and yahoo. added some information about Route 21 as a relation.

Location: De Esch, Kralingen-Crooswijk, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Sanxenxo and surroundings

Posted by jamesks on 16 July 2008 in English (English).

Added street detail, beaches, country lands, and tracks in the woods near Sanxenxo

Location: Padriñán, Sanxenxo, O Salnés, Pontevedra, Galicia, 36960, Spain