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Quick update on Maxar imagery

no problem with me neither in Safari nor in Firefox 71.0 (macOS 10.13.6)

Quick update on Maxar imagery

@Wulf4096, it still works, in RapiD simply select the background layer “Facebook’s Map with AI - Maxar imagery”, see my link above.

Quick update on Maxar imagery

Hello, as a workaround you might use the iD-fork RapiD. There the Maxar data is still available as background layer “Facebook’s Map with AI - Maxar imagery”.

But beware, I noticed for example in Nepal that Facebook’s AI wrongly classifies quite a few streams and ravines as suggestions for „Roads”. It appears that only optical pattern recognition is used and no DEM for plausibility checks, see e.g.

OSM - beschissene Datenqualität

Ich bin fast sprachlos über die teils respektlosen Kommentare.

@SOSM Der Link war hilfreich, für alle die CS-Diskussion mit SomeoneElse nicht gelesen hatten, aber muss man deshalb R0bst3r gleich beleidigen?

@R0bst3r Bitte lass dich nicht frustrieren und mach weiter bei uns!!

Wenn du Lust hast, sieh dir diesen instruktiven Beitrag von woodpeck vom 04.07.2016 (FOSSGIS) zu mech. Edits an.

Ride on, geow

Daten überprüfen mit 'lastcheck'

Für genau diesen Zweck gibt es bereits den gut dokumentierten Schlüssel “survey:date” der bereits rd. 200.000 mal in Verwendung ist, siehe


What does the path say?

Richard, thanks for introducing me to “Ylvis”, whom I otherwise wouldn’t have got to know ;) Funny and creative post! As you may know SomeoneElse gave me the pointer to your blog.

Substantiallly from a 2015 perspective I do not agree completely with your point of view.

As dieterdreist stated here “While duck tagging works very good within the same culture and region, it bears at the same time the risk that mappers in different regions have different assumptions of what is implied by certain words. “

On first sight, descriptive keys like footway or cycleway seem to give a clear indication of the type of a path. Actually globally that’s only true, if you provide - in addition to the highway tag - other decent attributes, like surface, width, smoothness, incline, access restrictions etc. So either way an almost equal number of tags are usually required to describe a way equivalent. So to my impression duck tagging might not be that intuitive and naturally for others than for you. Non-native English mappers (like me), may have different assumptions of what is semantically implied or what is usable according to their region.