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Posted by dbusse on 16 August 2009 in English (English)


did some homebrewn statistics (take it not too serious) about how the recent Mapping activities for Niger progressed.

I found this in the OSM Niger country file from Aug, 12:

Total # of Places: 126
# place=country: 1
# place=city: 3
# place=town: 46
# place=village: 52
# place=hamlet: 13
# place=airport: 1
# place=locality: 9
# place=suburb: 1

126 mapped places is not that much. The Niger GNS Export from zenfunk lists 31493 places.
But the good news is that i found 742 duplicates in the GNS Export :-)
So we just need to investigate another 31493-742-126=30625 places.

I will run my stats script next week or so again to see how far we got.

Visit the Niger Wiki page under for further infos.

Greetings & Happy mapping

Location: Boukoki 1, Boukoki, Niamey, BOITE POSTALE 12.481, Niger

Comment from zenfunk on 17 August 2009 at 12:01

Should be about 50 more since yesterday evening...

Concerning the GNS data: This data is sometimes way off, and you cannot even be sure what you are tagging- is it a village, town, old derelict military base, hilltop, wadi, lake, river and whatnot. So I think an automatic import is not an option. Best would be to get some Nigrens with local knowledge involved. They can also help with road conditions etc.

BTW: Are you sure your script is right? I know that there are at least half a dozen of airports in Niger ATM and they are in OSM as well.

Another BTW: Finisched the National Highway Nr. 1 all the way to Diffa. Wicked deciphering of the aerial map and vmap0 data. I was able to get at least some info on road conditions from several travel reports... will ad those soon.

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