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Reports about global administrative boundaries

Posted by dbusse on 9 June 2012 in English (English)


i made some reports about administrative boundaries in OSM. You will also get a hierachical boundary-structure (parent/child) for each country.

As a little plus there is also the possiblity to generate shape files for each country.

A pre-generated report with data from 08 May 2012 can be downloaded here

Shapefiles (860MB) are seperate download here (Put the shapes folder in the website folder to get the links working)

Source code is on github

Any feedback is welcome.

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Niger Stats

Posted by dbusse on 16 August 2009 in English (English)


did some homebrewn statistics (take it not too serious) about how the recent Mapping activities for Niger progressed.

I found this in the OSM Niger country file from Aug, 12:

Total # of Places: 126
# place=country: 1
# place=city: 3
# place=town: 46
# place=village: 52
# place=hamlet: 13
# place=airport: 1
# place=locality: 9
# place=suburb: 1

126 mapped places is not that much. The Niger GNS Export from zenfunk lists 31493 places.
But the good news is that i found 742 duplicates in the GNS Export :-)
So we just need to investigate another 31493-742-126=30625 places.

I will run my stats script next week or so again to see how far we got.

Visit the Niger Wiki page under for further infos.

Greetings & Happy mapping

Location: Boukoki 1, Boukoki, Niamey, BOITE POSTALE 12.481, Niger