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The OpenStreetMap (OSMTW) is pleased to receive the Wikimedia Alliance Fund for procuring two Insta360 One X2 (and accessories), as well as holding at least six Expeditions and Post-expedition Mapping Workshops from March 2022 to February 2023. OSMTW members will initiate surveys to the street-view terra incognita with a 360-degree-camera-mounted vehicle, then edit on OpenStreetMap and upload media taken throughout the exploration to Wikimedia Commons.

The path of this expedition differs from last time and headed south for Yingge, Sanxia, and Daxi rather than the Northern Coast (Keelung, Jingshan and Wanli). The “Street view car” dispatched this time also departs differently. (The vehicle author droves kick off at Hotai Easyrent Xindian, so he took a photo of the unphotographed Exit 2 of MRT Xindian District Office Station and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before departure.)

Exit 2, MRT Xindian DIstrict Office Station
Exit 2, MRT Xindian DIstrict Office Station 新店區公所站二號出口

The route of these three street view cars also diverges, still, they meet up at Hsin Hsiu Kong (Hsin Tian Kong, Sanxia Branch) in Baiji Mountain halfway.

Hsin Tian Kong, Sanxia Branch
Hsing Hsiu Kong (Hsin Tian Kong, Sanxia Branch/ Xinxiu Temple) in Sanxia 三峽行脩宮

Being an expedition member is not easy, we still face technical issues like last time and some lessons to learn. Don’t ever mount a 360-degree camera on a thin selfie shtick; it just won’t work and wobbles. Mount it on the car rig. And… One does not simply reformat the SD card prior to departure. Its free spaces are occupied by more than just Bytes. There is Imagery that does not spare, and the Great Eye is ever shortfall. Remember to transfer data from the SD card before surveying, or you will need to delete files during the survey all the time.

The dashboard used for tracking this Street-view Expedition on Wikimedia Programmes is available over here, and the OpenStreetMap edits are available here.

(I've been printed out too much. Time for a zesty drink.)

About the Wikimedia Alliances Fund

In 4Q 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation announced a new grant program: the Wikimedia Alliances Fund, which supports the projects proposed by mission-aligned organisations contributing toward the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement.

About OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community

The OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community (OSMTW) comprises passionate mappers who are interested in Taiwan. Since 2010, mappers have transformed Taiwan from a coterie of individuals to a local community that gathers increasing public to participate in co-editing map projects. OSMTW is currently co-hosting monthly gatherings and aperiodic expeditions with the Wikidata local community in Taipei. Feel free to check out and join us!

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This material is released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 International License, translated from original work 2022年臺灣街景踏查團-第二次踏查團心得感想 by s8321414 in Taiwanese Mandarin. Special thanks to Supaplex for proofreading in Taiwanese Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien translation, and assanges for English translation.

Location: Xinde Village, Xindian District, New Taipei, Taiwan


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Lorry driver joke is inappropriate (and not in the TW version).

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