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Yes, you heard it right. It’s about the 2nd mapping workshop. Shouldn’t it follow by the very first workshop, since the last article is about the first expedition? Let’s not get bogged down with the series ordinal, that’s another story for another time lol. Some say that it’s possible to notice from the last article, and we can chit-chat about it physically at the next meetup if some insist… All we know is, it's not called the Stig!

2nd Mapping workshop in MozTW Space Taipei

In brief, OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community (OSMTW) utilised data collected from surveying in the 2nd mapping workshop at the MozTW Space Taipei after the junket tour maiden survey expedition. Oberserved physical attendance has dropped due to the recent increasing communities infections of the Coronavirus Omicron variant. Be that as it may, the workshop warmly welcomes two enthusiastic geography teachers to join.

A big shout-out to the enthusiastic geography teachers!

The workshop begins with an introduction to OpenStreetMap and Wikidata (Mapillary and KartaView and other Wikimedia projects also). Supaplex, one of the hosts, then demonstrated 1) a live edit on creating a convenience store node in the Yangbei Redevelopment zone on OpenStreetMap, using Mapillary 360 imagery taken in the last expedition; 2) reuploading photos from Mapillary to Wikimedia Commons and 3) creating Wikidata item, New Taipei City Youth Social Housing (新北市青年社會住宅).

Afterwards, on-site participants start to edit the website as mentioned freely. Some problems related to 360-degree images were also found during the editing process. For example, in order to let Wikimedia Commons fully recognise the photos taken by the 360-degree camera, the {{pano360}} template must be added. To the same extent, some arguments must be included while uploading 360-degree photos to make KartaView recognise them correctly.

OSMTW will tweak our workshops to a more practical approach by optimising the task difficulty and minimising detailed instructions from experience. After a short briefing by the hosts, senior mappers were to assist neophytes with their tasks and edits.

Needless to say, all edits with applying our April survey outcomes are welcomed, try to add a business or residential construction project by referencing the street view anytime and anywhere! Regrettably, littlebtc, one of the heavyweight contributors in Taiwan, could not attend the workshop. Still, he later contributed edits on completed constructions and the planned road network for the second phase of redevelopment in the Yangbei Redevelopment Zone.

The National Human Rights Museum

Promenade Coffee anyone?

The image resources from the 1st survey expedition and the results of this mapping workshop are available as follows:

And, of course, not to mention the image records of the workshop/ meetup. The following expedition is scheduled for June 19, 2022. Come to join us!

Moutain Ocean Sun

About the Wikimedia Alliances Fund

In 4Q 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation announced a new grant program: the Wikimedia Alliances Fund, which supports the projects proposed by mission-aligned organisations contributing toward the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement.

About OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community

The OpenStreetMap Taiwan Community (OSMTW) comprises passionate mappers interested in Taiwan. Since 2010, mappers have transformed Taiwan from a coterie of individuals to a local community that gathers increasing public to participate in co-editing map projects. OSMTW is currently co-hosting monthly gatherings and aperiodic expeditions with the Wikidata local community in Taipei. Feel free to check out and join us!

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This material is released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 International License, translated from original work 2022年臺灣街景踏查團-第二次編輯工作坊心得感想 by s8321414 in Taiwanese Mandarin. Special thanks to Supaplex for proofreading in Taiwanese Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien translation, and assanges for English translation.

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