Posted by Zkir on 9 March 2020 in Russian (Русский).

Конференция по Openstreetmap в Риге, известная как SOTM BALTIC 2020 прошла очень успешно.

Интерес к Openstreetmap большой, например по маршрутам OSM ездят латышские грузовики-лесовозы.

Основная проблема в том, что обработка данных OSM по прежнему остается искусством, доступным только посвященным. Какого-то прогресса здесь на наблюдается.



Comment from ABZ_OSM on 10 July 2020 at 08:50

“The main problem is that OSM data processing is still an art only accessible to the insider. There is no progress here.” (quoting your diary text as produced using google translate)

Yes I have thought about this and potentially volunteering to go out into local universities, and or high schools, to present the advantages of OSM through - an introduction to OSM, and - showing custom maps that can be created with overpass queries, and - giving an introduction to JOSM and mapping with a outdoor survey followed by data entry and upload.

A meaningful introduction takes some time, perhaps 2 half days.

Such an introduction could cross Computer Science, Geography, Social History, History and Modern Studies departments.

Do you know anyone who has done this, and is there an advocacy group?

Comment from Zkir on 12 July 2020 at 00:31

2 and a half days can give just general idea what osm is. It does not give any abiltity to cook the OSM data. 2 and a half semesters are rather need for it :)

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