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Posted by TrickyFoxy on 23 July 2022 in English (English). Last updated on 24 July 2022.

This is an auto-translation of my message from May 8 in the Russian-language OSM chat

I will try to report some of the following. But now my goal is to say that registration in OSM is something that the already registered participants have forgotten about.

Suppose a person was not afraid and decided to register after all. Next is the real case.

One of the likely situations: a person learns about StreetComplete/EveryDoor and registers through them.

At first, for some reason, he is greeted by a page in English. Well, maybe the problem is in the browser. But why can’t I switch the language on the page?

Well, okay, he thinks, now I quickly register through social networks. Pokes into a conditional Google, gives access and is met by a form in which you need to enter mailS / login / passwordS. What the hell?! For the sake of a login? So just ask him.

Enters the login, password, clicks Register and after refreshing the page finds out that the login is already occupied, the passwords do not match. Enters a new username / password: the login is already there, the password is too weak. But you just need a little JS….

Then there are some agreements that no one reads and.... confirm the email address using the link in the email.

He waits for the letter, pokes at the link and if he still remembers why he did it, returns to the application, logs in and finally decides to upload his changes.


The issue of improving the registration form

upd: Issue to simplify registration via Google

Ticket about simplification of registration. It has been open since 2015!

Come in if you also think that registration needs to be simplified 🙏

Try to register now from your smartphone via Google. I have now decided to repeat with a new Google account and I was unable to register!🤦‍♂️ And now when I try to use a Google account, registration through which I have not completed, I received


p.s. Maybe I’m an unlucky person, but it seems to me that if someone tries to register again, he will find other inconvenient things.

p.s.s. By the way, StreetComplete generally uses a separate built-in browser, in which you need to log in to your Google account separately.

Comment from TomH on 24 July 2022 at 07:37

If the page came up in English then that means your browser was not configured to request the correct language as we use the Accept-Language header it sends to choose the correct language automatically.

You should not need to confirm the email address if you signup via Google and the password is also optional in that case.

Literally the only thing you need to do on that form is choose a username.

Comment from Eiim on 24 July 2022 at 13:53

I’ve heard from multiple people who have been confused as to why just signing up with Google didn’t work, and I’ve advised them to sign up with username/password because it looked to me like the sign up just didn’t work as well. It would be great if there was instead a dedicated screen for SSO signups saying something like “now you just need to pick a username”, because that’s not at all clear from the current flow.

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