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台北車站附近的圖資 2 months ago

有Indoor Mapping的標準與工具。

China Mappers Censorship of Sensitive Stuff on the Map 9 months ago

Translate FreedSky comment:

It is not my purpose to effect the national security of my country. And I hope the above question won't effect the development of OMS in China.

Show Chinas Map in Western Charakters? 9 months ago

You could use App. Like OSMAnd, switch the map language to English.

廣東珠三角一帶的在建車站 Part II over 1 year ago




My Talk about Taiwan Related Localizated Tagging Scheme Proposed and the Experience of State of the Map Asia almost 2 years ago

Hi PlaneMad,

About the Facebook involved in OSM, they let Facebook user to report error using the OSM note system. But they don't direct Facebook user to edit OSM.

For WIkipedia way of distinguish different Chinese used in different area, the writing is more simple, but for the different Chinese language or dialect, it's more complicated. So there is a different approach than Wikipedia.

Progress update of mapping and aligning road network in Taiwan about 2 years ago

A Clarification here. One of the task named New Taipei City is actually Taoyuan City. The Taipei City task already includes some area of New Taipei City.

"Welcome-to-new-mappers" program in the Netherlands comes to an end. over 2 years ago

In Taiwan, there is a similar approach to new mappers, but using changeset comment to welcome new users. We paste a piece a text, include the links to the mapping rules and main discussing place use by Taiwan community. The respond rate is near zero, and most the new users never edit again. It's a tough job and takes a lot of times to engage new users due to OpenStreetMap decenterized nature. So sad to see you give up.

The Maps.Me app is problem due to most user don't understand what OSM is and isn't. It makes user too easy to upload or change items.

20160620踏查-下內埔營舍遺址 over 2 years ago


MAPS.ME is now an editor over 2 years ago

Good news to hear! Hope it could add more active contributers.

臺中市公車繪製記錄(進度20%)-人肉街景車初體驗 about 3 years ago


臺中市公車繪製記錄(進度20%)-人肉街景車初體驗 about 3 years ago

其實,我只有改些標籤,讓臺中一帶的公車站牌相容public transport scheme,標臺中公車站牌的人應該是bananatw或Littlebtc

2015 台灣開放街圖研討會部分心得 about 3 years ago

我是聽 Vintagejhan 提起樹林三峽的邊界是依據族群分佈,所以才在演講時特意提出來。那時查資料時確認三峽是安溪人為主,而樹林不確定,所以用廟來大概區別可能的族群

OSM的hello world about 3 years ago


HFU地圖補完計畫 over 3 years ago



問題所在 over 3 years ago


2 years of overpass turbo almost 4 years ago

I love the OverPass Turbo. It makes getting OSM data more easy. I can share the querry link with someone that show them interesting stuff on OSM.

Iam here! over 4 years ago

歡迎加入 OpenStreetMap 開放街圖



台灣OpenStreetMap網站 台灣社群Facebook社團 郵件論壇

如果繪圖上有疑問歡迎發問,大家都會熱心回答 敬祝畫圖愉快! Supaplex

整理門牌資料&了解Key或tag的命名方式 almost 6 years ago

POI啊,應該是沒書可看,就多看OSM Wiki的說明頁,另外想了解大家下什麼tag,多看taginfo

NTU Mapping Party almost 6 years ago

Thanks Milliams, it's a good advice. I'm not familiar with the shortcut.