Taipei Meetup Results - PTX Public Transport Exchange Platfrom Linestring Transformed into Easily Handle GeoJson

Posted by Supaplex on 13 February 2018 in English (English)

Taiwan Department of Transport’s public transport exchange platform PTX is quite good on public transport data. It integrates different transport authorities data, for example Taipei City Public Transport Office, New Taipei City Transportation Department, or Directorate General of Highways, bus stop and bus line data. But the export line data from PTX is using Microsoft oData LineString format, programmers.are not familiar with.

But in yesterday’s Taipei Meetup, the keyholder of MozSpace Taipei MingTsay use his ability to help us. He lived deme writing code after discussing with him. He transform the LineString into GeoJson using PHP.

The record is written down on Hackpad. The program that using PHP code is here

The next day I saw the JavaScript Version. MingTsay is quite good at coding. He worked very fast to rewrite to code into other language. Thanks to his effect of his time spending, we could use his program to view the bus line, and view the lineString. I could edit OpenStreetMap bus line at the same time, using the output LineString as GeoJson for reference.

Location: Meihua Village, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, ROC

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