One of my friend says the Taiwanese technology review website Daodu have a article and Podcast discuss about OpenStreetMap, which is actually the discusion brought by Joe Morrison, reviewing big companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft have an unofficial alley fighting against Google. For the technology issue, OpenStreetMap is quite a small minority topic. I think if you are not in the geoinformation industrial, and does not read mass amount of technology news, you will not be familiar with OpenStreetMap. Anyway it is good thing to have some coverage in Taiwan.

In my personal option the Daodu article is quite shallow, especially the most important part which give OpenStreetMap its unique standing point, is that united big technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, all decide to support OpenStreetMap project by different methods to avoid using Google Maps. If you do not have your own map solution, you have to use the market’s best solution, that is your enemy’s product Google Maps. So these companies accumulate data on OpenStreetMap, supporting the open source map solution, and they do not need to make a map solution on scratch.

Due to Taiwan media environment, media outlet have editors monitor English media to ediit and translate news reports into Mandarin news articles. Daodu used materials that was already discuss for a while in OpenStreetMap ecosystem, and did not follow the activities of local communities in Taiwan. The community in Taiwan is more emphasizing on basic infrastructure, their work is not that easy to get attention on the internet.

For those who want know more about OpenStreetMap project in Taiwan, you could search for the keyword, there are some articles on the first page of search result. I once worked for a technology media, sometimes have the chance to write about OpenStreetMap and the community.

After I listened to the whole Podcast episode, I felt a bit distance with the content. I thought the sponsor content is much more heavier than the part that just said some words mention hiking community use OpenStreetMap. The production team of Daudo still wears glasses of business management, using the prospect of Silicon Valley. They use topic set by the American Media, even though their speak in Taiwanese Mandarin. The only local things they mention is how to you use online map to navigate to your destination. The topic is still the competition of these Silicon Valley companies.

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