Bloomberg once again describes the building resemble Taiwan’s Presidential Office in the military training base of Zhurihe, which is in Inner Mongolia, China. These stuffs actually are not new information, there are already discussed between military fans and even reported by the media.

There are not only one military base that have buildings or structures resemble Taiwan’ critical political and military infrastructures. The mimic of Taichung Ching Chuan Kang Airport in central Taiwan is also in the desert of inner Mongolia.

China has a long time ambition of Taiwan island due to its critical location of western pacific ocean, and see the government which self-rule the island, someone call Taiwan as a threat, which claimed some day will unite the island under China rules. It is no new news that found training infrastructure that looks like Taiwan critical infrastructures.

You could compare the outline of both buildings on OpenStreetMap (Mimic building, Taiwan Presidential Office), some mappers already map these mimic buildings or infrastructures.

Location: Zhurihe, Sonid Right Banner, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia, China

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