Progress in Guerrero

Posted by Sunfishtommy on 10 April 2016 in English.

So I have been working a lot in Eastern Guerrero along the border with Oaxxa and have been making a lot of progress, I have been working my way down south of Tlapa de Comonfort working between a major secondary road and the border with Oaxxa. Lately progress has slowed somewhat because I have been running into a lot of paths. They are everywhere and seem to be more well traveled than the ones I have run across in other locations in Guerrero. I have not run into this problem in Chiapas because Chiapas tends to be more heavily wooded which tends to hide paths if there are any. Any way progress is being made as I slowly march to the sea. Once I get to the ocean, I think I may reset to the Tlapa de Comonfort and work my way North. My long term plan is to map all is to work my way west across Guerrero making north south passes across the state. This could take a very long time though, and in all likely hood I may return to Chiapas at some point. I would also like to map more heavily in Oaxxa and Puebla it could take a while though. Just the progress I have made in Guerrero has taken 9 months or so, and while it is detailed, it is only a small portion of the eastern part of the state.

This is where i have been working for reference.


Comment from Alan Bragg on 11 April 2016 at 11:27

Nice work, I hope you get to make an extended visit someday.

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