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Making a few places ready for the street numbering project part 1 over 14 years ago

accidently sent you a message instead of leaving a comment!

how are you planning for street numbering? i'm interesting in labeling buidings/houses & numbering, if its possible to do so i'll attemp to do so

postcodes!!!! almost 15 years ago

the postcode search is my best friend! :)

whenever I look for a new street i haven't been down, or an old one i forget i always used the postcode search to check the names, since many streets are welsh and english, and odd's are the map i'm looking at has the other langauge than whats on my parcel, if hte postcode search could be put in to at least give an option from osm i'd greatly appricate it!:)

House names almost 15 years ago

ok, I shall at some point get around to doing it manually :)

what tags should i use? I was thinking of doing numbers as well for some, but i find it hard to find info on the wiki about how to do it, so far for the few houses i've put in, i've just put a name tag, and then they come up in the search results :) and not on the map, but for numbers I wasn't sure

could i use the name tag with the is_in tag and specify which street it is in for better search results?

Found OSM yesterday about 15 years ago

I was actually thinking up of an idea like this but had no idea how to implement it but found this luckily!

my motivation is the fact satnav's map's are always horribly out of date and mostly inaccurate (in many places in wales)

But yes its highly addictive, I'm sure my fuel bills having been going up to go out ot of my way to add more things...And nothing to do with the increase in diesel prices of the last few months

What editors are you using? about 15 years ago

hrmm, i've only used potlatch and mapped a considerable amount of roads using it, sometimes I find that some change aren't saved and have to logoff and on after an hour or so to make sure everythings saved, otherwise no complaints, tried josm and just couldn't get on with it

Ouch about 15 years ago

bad luck, hope your ok!

Using the map about 15 years ago

can this be used on wm? the site appears to be down for me at the mo..

i'd like to test it to see if the roads i've done all work properly :)

Lancaster bits and pieces about 15 years ago

Yea, i've found most of the rivers/railways/major roads seem either quite off, or quite a bit off, have to bend rivers around roads i've mapped sometimes (of course it could just be everything i've mapped is wrong...but I get the impression a lot of the major roads were just imported as with rail links?

Planet lint about 15 years ago

to be able to search postcodes would definatly be useful, i noticed the main site doesn't show them up, tried searching for my own street with hopes but o'well!

would also be useful to be able to search for tag's pointing that certain roads are wrong?

Haven't mapped for a while, but hoping to get cracking again soon. about 15 years ago

hoping to do the same myself, currently I have most of a major housing estate mapped which isn't yet on any map (the mapped bit however i haven't done yet...)

the town I live in is also, well practically completly blank when I started, hope to get it done completly at some point !

Never realised how many people want free and accurate maps!

Hi, i'm new about 15 years ago

oh, and i've downloaded omstracker and shall try it tomorrow ;)

Hi, i'm new about 15 years ago

Just wanted to say, I hope the option for street numbers is added, I realise not everyone will want to, but personally I won't mind, I've been thinking before i found this site of trying to add a way to house numbers, if a program could allow you to just tap the screen (assuming its a touch screen pda) at each house on each side of the road with the ability to set a starting number & the sequence, ie 1,2,3 or 2,4,6.

I'd be willing to give it a shot myself if someone could show me sample code for windows mobile :)