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Posted by NicRoets on 14 May 2008 in English (English).

I'm testing the new version of gosmore with it's powerful search functionality. It tries to built an index of all the meaningful tags in the planet, like 'fuel'.

The problem is that there is so much stuff that it meaningless to the average user : The majority of it is TIGER ids which is easy to suppress. But there still a lot of nodes with class=node tags and time=... tags and ele=... tags and and and.

There are even a few ways that refer to nodes that no longer exist. (e.g. node 80169)

Comment from Stead on 14 May 2008 at 15:24

to be able to search postcodes would definatly be useful, i noticed the main site doesn't show them up, tried searching for my own street with hopes but o'well!

would also be useful to be able to search for tag's pointing that certain roads are wrong?

Comment from NixKoenner on 24 May 2010 at 18:45

More powerful version of gosmore?? MUUUUHHHHAAAAAAA - gosmore is the greatest shit on planet earth. The GUI is more than terrible, moving the map in 3D mode is, is, is , well I am out of words, because is soooo fucking bad. The options menu is just plain shit, too.

I recommend you should stop smoking shit all the times and buy some books about software-development and yes you should read them.

Or do you expect an award for the worst navigation software? Well I guess you are very close to it.

You are yust a sucker

Comment from NicRoets on 25 May 2010 at 10:37

Nix, you will be pleased to know that Gosmore did not have 3D in 2008. Nor did it support dragging.

The good news is that I'm working on a new version that will be a lot better.

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