It's been quite a few months since I managed to get most of my home town of Lochgelly mapped. It was a great feeling to have mapped almost the entire village! What was once just a spot on the map, is now a complete and comprehensive map of the streets, including post boxes, parking, shops, churches, schools and recycling depots.

There is a new housing estate that is now about half complete. Over the next week or two, I'm hoping to get out and map it. It will hopefully be yet another example of how OSM is "streets ahead" (no pun intended) of the commercial mapping products which can take years to add these new estates. I'm hoping that if I can map this new housing estate, the residents might start using OSM to direct people to their houses!! One can only hope!

Location: Glencraig, Fife, Scotland, KY5 8AE, United Kingdom

Comment from Stead on 29 April 2008 at 16:54

hoping to do the same myself, currently I have most of a major housing estate mapped which isn't yet on any map (the mapped bit however i haven't done yet...)

the town I live in is also, well practically completly blank when I started, hope to get it done completly at some point !

Never realised how many people want free and accurate maps!

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