What's wrong with soup's GPX upload?

Posted by Sanderd17 on 6 June 2012 in English (English)

Traces of 11 hours old haven't been processed yet. Is there something happening?

Comment from z-dude on 7 June 2012 at 04:53

did the gpx file have a lot of points? In the past, gpx traces with 10's of thousands of points wouldn't import. Where did the gpx file come from? Some applications create gpx files which are not compatible with OSM.

Comment from Sanderd17 on 7 June 2012 at 06:04

Now everything is OK again. It were 7 pages of GPX traces that weren't procecced (not mine), maybe there was a problem with the first one.

In any case, my trace wasn't big (just traced a new road they're making) and made with an app I always use.

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