Deterrent Paving & Perforated Kerbs : odd street furniture

Posted by SK53 on 28 July 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 29 July 2021.

Over time I’ve noticed features appearing on highways & paths which are unusual and which I don’t know how to describe. Often these become much more prevalent. Recently I made an effort to do some reasearch on a couple of these and learnt some useful terminology (documented here so I don’t forget):

  • Deterrent Paving: These is a form of paving which it is difficult to walk or drive over. It is used in a range of situations, but a common use is where a road has been blocked for cars and cycles are allowed through but there has to be some provision for access by emergency services (often labelled “FIRE PATH” in the UK).

Fire Path featuring deterrent paving

There is quite a wide range of different types, some aimed more at stopping pedestrians. The presence of deterrent paving may represent a significant hazard for people with reduced mobility or impaired sight.

  • Perforated Kerbs: These are kerbstones which also act as part of the road drainage system. They are being installed quite extensively local to me. The kerbs have numerous holes and are hollow: they link up to form a drainage channel. Obviously they have the potential to remove surface water rather more quickly than traditional road gullys (storm drains. They are also used in more elaborate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). I found this brochure gave a good overview.

Perforated kerb drains on Dorket Drive, Nottingham

At this point I have no real thoughts as to appropriate tags for these things, but felt it worthwhile drawing others attention to them.

Location: Forest Fields, Nottingham, England, NG7 6PH, United Kingdom

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