UK football Stadium mapping Update

Posted by Rovastar on 21 January 2013 in English (English)

A few months ago I started a mapping project for the UK football (soccer) grounds/stadiums.

Well now I am over a third of the way through with 55+ done so far…

Confusingly I have started alphabetically by stadium and not by club from the list I had and some stadium have been renamed, built new ones, etc.

Most had some sort of reference on OSM already and had only found a few that were not mapped at all.

It is interesting to see the level of mapping in the UK as I have been up and down UK (via Bing). Some has fantastic levels of detail, others are sparse. But best of all is the changes, in just a couple months, to the areas that I have back to again where another stadium in the same area or to check details.

Comment from c2r on 21 January 2013 at 21:31

I think areas that had initial Yahoo aerial coverage and surrey air survey were in a much better place 18 months ago in terms of detail… I went out to unmapped towns with the GPS and a notebook wandering around before countrywide coverage.

For a starker contrast, some of the rural areas of Spain still feature completely unmapped settlements of medium size proportions, while other parts of the country (again, those that have had Yahoo imagery for longer, I’d guess) are mapped much more completely…

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