Routing with OSRM

Posted by OpenBrian on 19 May 2017 in English (English)

Setting up OSRM is very easy because it’s using Docker. Here are the steps to take to set up your own router. You can run this locally or on a server. To see this in action check out

OSRM on MappingDC

  1. Install Docker on your machine according to instructions for your operating system.
  2. Download a PBF file for your city from the Mapzen Metro Extracts ( If there is none, sign up and request a new one be built.
  3. Run the backend docker commands from here This takes about 30 minutes as it precomputes some data.
  4. Run the frontend docker commands from here Start the front end with the -e option that specifies the URL to your backend, e.g. http://myhost/osrm-router/
  5. Open ports on your firewall, or set up a proxy in Apache like this:

     # Frontend
     ProxyPass /osrm
     ProxyPassReverse /osrm
     # Backend
     ProxyPass /osrm-router/
     ProxyPassReverse /osrm-router/
  6. Visit http://myhost/osrm-router/
Location: Mount Vernon, Warwick Village, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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