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I just made a theme for dog owners:

It has dog parks, veterinarians, pet shops, restaurants and shops that allow dogs inside, etc.

My own puppy was bitten or scratched by another dog a late afternoon this week. Our normal vet had closed for the day, but I had the newest version of the pet theme open and spotted the one veterinary in the neighborhood that was open until 19:00 only on Mondays. And we made it just in time. It turned out not to be too bad and we just got some disinfectant, but our family all slept better that night. So please add more veterinarians and include their opening times.

Whether you can bring a dog inside when eating out varies wildly form country to country. Here in Denmark very few restaurants and cafes welcome dogs, so it more important to tag those that do.

Yesterday we were having lunch outside on a cold day in Ribe. There was a dutch couple with a dog next to us and they said they were surprised that restaurants in Denmark did not allow dogs inside and we wrote down the address of a few dog-friendly restaurants in Copenhagen for them because that is where they were heading. From now on I can just refer to MapComplete

Do you have more ideas for the dog theme? I am considering hotels and guest houses.


Comment from LySioS on 1 May 2022 at 23:31


Nice work ! and great initiative !

Some time ago, I made a dog map too. It was more a proof of concept map than something meant to be shared. I used uMap and overpass to fetch dog related objects or parks allowed for dogs.

Infos I chose to display :

  • places where dogs are allowed unleashed (green areas) / leashed (yellow) / forbidden (red) (useful for public parks)
  • dog parks (green)
  • dog toilets (brown)
  • excrement bags vending machine (black)

I was thinking I could add :

  • veterinary and pet shops
  • pet grooming
  • animal boarding
  • dog parking (because it does exist 🙂)

I hope it helps you

Comment from Lejun on 3 May 2022 at 08:15

Haven’t looked much into the whole MapComplete theming, but you definitely could add dog_toilets.

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